Updated Wednesday 06 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: Tom Rowsell (AKA Survive the Jive)

Name Tom Rowsell (AKA Survive the Jive)
Tags Far-Right Heathens
Categories Influencer / Content Creator
Related People/Groups Odinist Fellowship
Years Active Early 2010s – Present
Active Areas England



Tom Rowsell (AKA Survive the Jive) has carved out a career as the far-right’s go-to expert on “IndoEuropean” history and Paganism, producing a regular stream of video, podcast and social media content that is often interspersed with racist tropes and farright talking points. He has built a sizeable online following, at time of writing having 219,000 subscribers on YouTube and 26,600 on Twitter. 

A former freelance journalist, Rowsell has been active in far-right circles in the UK since the early 2010s and spoke at the Generation Identity UK conference in July 2019 and at a Traditional Britain Group event in December 2021. He has also attended fascist events overseas, such as the Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm in 2017, which was organised and addressed by leading white nationalists from across Europe and the US. 

Rowsell has also appeared on a multitude of far-right and white nationalist shows, including those of Colin Robertson (AKA Millennial Woes), Marcus Follin (AKA The Golden One), Edward Dutton (AKA The Jolly Heretic), Arktos Media and Red Ice Radio.

Rowsell officiates the Hearth of Devon, his local branch of the Odinist Fellowship, a folkish Heathen group. He was also the organiser of the Pagan Futures conference in June 2022, which featured Dann Capp and Boaz Vilallonga and brought a crowd of over 100 to London.



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