Updated Thursday 7 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: Voice of Wales

Name Voice of Wales
Tags Anti-Migrant and Anti-Muslim
Categories Media Outlet
Related People/Groups Students Against Tyranny
Years Active
Active Areas Wales, UK



Voice of Wales (VoW) is a far-right media outlet run by Dan Morgan and Stan Robinson, which creates a range of content including articles, videos, livestreams and social media output.

Since being permanently banned from YouTube in 2021, it now releases content via its own website and on minor platforms such as Gettr, where it has almost 17,000 followers and Telegram, where it has 3,350 subscribers. 

The group has become increasingly influential over the past two years, garnering a growing audience within the far right. Having provided support and coverage for protests against migrant accommodation and anti-Drag Queen Story Hour rallies in 2022, VoW would come to play a prominent role in the 2023 demonstrations at the Stradey Park Hotel in Llanelli, regularly reporting from the months-long protest camp established in the town and accosting MPs and councillors on the demonstrators’ behalf. 

The group suffered a reputational hit in October 2023, when co-founder Dan Morgan was convicted of fraud and handed a suspended sentence for his role in a large-scale scam that stole millions of pounds from people who believed they were applying for compensation for mis-sold PPI. 

The group has links with far-right activists from various groups, but retains a particularly close connection with UKIP. Co-founder Stan Robinson has been selected as the UKIP candidate for Llanelli in the upcoming general election, and the group has regularly exploited its foothold in the area to arrange local meetings for the party. 

VoW is closely related to Students Against Tyranny (SAT), which was established by James Harvey to tackle the supposed “wokeness” of universities. While remaining a separate group, Harvey is seen as something of a protégé of Morgan and Robinson. 

SAT has attempted to organise a number of ill-fated demonstrations over the past year, many of which got cancelled at short notice or were dwarfed by much larger counter-protests. Harvey also brought embarrassment to the VoW after making monkey noises when referring to the Somali national anthem on one stream and denying the scale of the Holocaust in another, the latter of which he eventually apologised for after a public backlash. 




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