Tommy Robinson marching with supporters at June 2024 London rally
Thousands Gather for Punishingly Long Tommy Robinson Demonstration

Saturday saw a host of well-known far-right figures address an estimated crowd of 6000 in London.  Stephen Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson) has struggled to attract…

03/06/2024 - Right Response Team
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Only Fools and Fascists: hardened far-right activists latch onto Aldershot anti-migrant campaign

Having claimed his activism days were done, long-time Nazi Derek “Del Boy” Young has crawled out of the woodwork, along with fellow ex-EDL activist Keith…

13/05/2024 - Right Response Team
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Another Nazi Terrorist Due For Release

The Daily Mail has reported (again) that another individual convicted of membership of the Nazi terror-group National Action (NA), is to possibly be released. Adam…

07/11/2023 - Matthew Collins
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Detached from Reality: Alek Yerbury and the National Support Detachment

HOPE not hate shines a light on a band of fascists who are travelling the country in a bid to win popular support and confront…

09/08/2023 - David Lawrence
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