Weather too bad to jump

Sadly the weather was too bad for Rupy to make her skydive for HOPE today. It was too windy and Rupy tells us that if she had jumped she could have been blown all the way to Blackpool. But the skydive is back on for 20 March 2010. Let’s hope the

06/12/2009 - Matthew Collins
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Pas de deux

Emma Colgate, who has stepped into the breach in Thurrock after Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, decided to switch to Barking, east London, for the general election, is one of the BNP’s most hard-working councillors. Elected to Thurrock council in May 2008 she has a 100% attendance record at

20/11/2009 - Simon Murdoch
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The Eurostar to Paris

I’m at London St Pancras, and about to board the Eurostar to Paris on the first part of our journey to Strasbourg. I’ve just read the Mirror and would urge everyone to buy it and turn to page 10. Not in my name!

14/07/2009 - Matthew Collins
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You’ve been brilliant…!

With only two days to go in the Yorkshire campaign we just wanted to convey how fantastic our supporters have been. Today is D-day and this morning’s commuters were greeted by HNH volunteers at many bus and rail stations across the region. We’ve shifted thousands of leaflets today, and come

02/06/2009 - Matthew Collins
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