Going, going, Griffin nearly gone

25 04 17

As part of an irregular series of lost and unlamented British Fascists….

Griffin: Had more than one chance and blew it



Former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin is cock-a-hoop about the expected demise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) at the forthcoming General Election.

Griffin, who is about to quit Britain for good and purchase a small holding in Hungary, is one of a small number of British and European far-right extremists heading East with their domestic political aspirations in tatters. Hungary, they hope, is not a base to launch a new political movement, but a ready made anti-western, anti-liberal and anti-Islamic homeland.

Although it is entirely wrong to characterise an entire country and any future change of political and social direction in this way, Griffin and his sidekick Jim Dowson, the two men who have a plan to buy and sell Hungary, are confident enough that for them anyway, Hungary’s current and future political direction and climate is secure enough for them to sink roots.

This means of course that Hungary’s right wing government must continue with its assault on progressive and liberal institutions, as well as the harsh and inhumane treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum or safe passage.

In fact, for Griffin, it must feel like he’s landed back in Britain in 2010 and his party the BNP were not wiped out, but actually won the General Election that year.  And even if UKIP appear to have now borrowed a swathe of Griffin’s old policies, it looks as if they are going to have about as much luck with them as he did.

Sen: Fighting “organised Jewry” from an attic


Griffin has given his thoughts on the demise of UKIP in an interview with Anglo-Bengali Jew hater, Jack Sen. Sen, who cannot join any British far-right party because he is not white enough, runs a non-existent “policy institute” from an attic bedsit in Southport and holds weekly conversations with Griffin over Skype, which he then broadcasts to people who wish to pay money into his Mother’s PayPal account. Why his Mother’s PayPal account? Well, Jack Sengupta (his real name) really would not want the social knowing that he organises his campaign against “organised Jewry” and accepts Shekels for doing so, would he? Interestingly, we hear that Sen may also be in trouble for stalking- and no, not for the endless and drunken emails he sends to our offices

But it gets worse. Although Griffin is delighted with the demise of the “neo-cons” and “civic nationalists” of UKIP and wants desperately as many people as possible to hear what he has to say, he seems only to have access via Sen. And,  Sen’s equipment for doing the interviews is paid for by notorious Nazi pornographer Steve Squire.   That’s gotta hurt Griffin as Squire is widely believed to be behind the sting that caught Griffin with his pants down in the car-park of an Indian restaurant back in 2012. It was one of a series of stunts Squire was involved in to discredit the then leader of the BNP, in the hope he would one day have a crack at the leader’s job himself. Of such apparent poor character (even to Nazis) is Squire, that even Britain First turned him down for membership a few years later.

Griffin was so taken with the incident himself, he later turned his hand to cooking curries for his dwindling followers.

Since Griffin’s and then the BNP’s demise, many of their followers have switched their electoral allegiance to UKIP, something that clearly irritates him. Griffin wants as many other failed far-right luminaries to join him as possible in a new life out of the UK.

Dowson: ‘Meet your new neighbours, Nick

Griffin has been plotting for a new life away from the UK since before he was unseated in the European Parliament in 2014. While he was a member of the European Parliament, Griffin was particularly close to the Hungarian fascist party Jobbik. Griffin and Jobbik were heavily involved with  European political party ‘Alliance of European National Movements (AENM)’ which was established after a conference in the Hungarian capital Budapest in 2009, the year Griffin was elected to Europe.

It was claimed in 2014, the year Griffin lost his seat and declared bankruptcy for the second time, that Griffin had asked a member of Jobbik to steal funds for him- something which they now deny, or claim  “has been taken out of context.”

Interestingly and not unsurprisingly, Jobbik and Griffin no longer appear to be friends. In part this may be down to Jobbik trying to better their image to the Hungarian electorate. The party is the official opposition in Hungary and has recently attempted somewhat of a liberal re-branding.  Not only does this include recently teaming up with the centre left against a government bill- “strange bedfellows” according to Foreign Policy, the party’s leader Gábor Vona sent Hanukkah greeting cards to members of Hungary’s Jewish community last year. This has not sat well with many of the party’s long term members and supporters. Griffin and Dowson seem far more at home with Hungarian and other European fascist militias instead.







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