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Matthew Collins - 04 07 23

Featuring: Jesus, testicle-frying Nissans, Conspiracies, Lies and Drums

Gateshead’s Mark Steele: Not a funny man

Mark Steele is not to be confused with any funny man of the same name. There’s nothing funny about this Mark Steele of Gateshead. He is famous for many things in his own right. Mainly it’s dangerous conspiracy theories, but let’s not forget the ‘Gateshead Gunman’ also once shot a young woman after an argument outside a pub in 1993 that left her with severe life changing injuries.

Steele: Often gives illuminating interviews, I’m told

Since release from prison, Steele’s seen the light. He sees it everywhere in fact. Mainly behind mobile phone masts, under his bed, in cornflakes – literally everywhere. He’s not a scientist, but he is a seriously dangerous individual. Sadly he has amassed a small and dedicated following of people scared they may fall off this flat earth of ours. They appear to listen to his every uneducated word and the results of this can be extremely damaging.

There is nothing Steele will not turn his damaged tentacles to. But last night even I was surprised by his latest health warning (above). I guess it’s based on what the light in his refrigerator told him. In the United States, companies (large corporations, sadly) are beginning to bite back at people who spread malicious falsehoods. In some ways, when it is damaging and malicious lies being spread that could effect people’s health and livelihoods, I’ll take a small step toward their corner. When it comes to the health and livelihoods of unionised workers and consumers, it’s the Trade Union movement people should actually be listening to. And so should Nissan; contact your local trade union official for advice.

Drumming to a Different Beat

Imre Téglásy (front, black robes) leads the brethren of for a shave and nice cuppa

The residents of Comber in Northern Ireland are probably no strangers to the sound of pipes and drums. Particularly at this time of year. The picturesque town outside Belfast could be described as politely Protestant and conservative. Those people had themselves somewhat of a shock when their most notorious resident, Jim Dowson, led a parade through town of strange men in strange costumes last week. Yes, Dowson and his Knights Templar International were in full regalia, swinging and singing as they went about their thirteenth century business. The thirty strong parade was made up of grown men with their serious faces and beards and who looked as if they’d never kissed a girl. The march was noticeable (other than for being weird) as it was led by none other than Imre Téglásy of Hungarian infamy. Téglásy was previously responsible for introducing Dowson and former British National Party MEP Nick Griffin to polite(ish) society in Hungary, many moons ago.

The Irish media were also unimpressed

Their Hungarian experiment ended in glorious disaster and acrimony when after finally tiring of their presence, the Hungarian government deported Griffin and Dowson in 2017. The deportation of the dubious double-act had a massive impact on the growth of a world-wide hub of fascists and conspiracy theorists who had until then, found a base for their hateful operations under Dowson’s tutelage in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. The deportations did not stop Griffin and Dowson persisting with their activities across eastern and central Europe, however. Not only did they move their operations to Serbia and Bulgaria, last year the Hungarians locked Griffin up after he tried entering their country again. He (Griffin) was also at the parade in Comber, but was neither dressed as a caped crusader or particularly wiling to be photographed in attendance.

The last time Téglásy and Griffin were together stirring up hatred (2017)

What captured the attention of a lot of observers in the six counties was the march being led by a drummer – playing the lambeg. The drum is (mainly) associated with Unionist and Loyalist marching bands and is also the very instrument that previously landed Griffin in hot trouble with Catholics in Ireland after his notorious “Fenian Bastards” comment. You can read about that here.

Niall McConnell: Has his own personal Jesus and Mary but no apparent donkey

It’s fair to say since Griffin and Dowson ended their operations in Northern Ireland many moons ago, there’s been a slight rapprochement toward the Irish and Catholicism. The explosion of anti-refugee hatred in the Republic has warmed their cold hearts and only a few months ago Griffin was even waxing lyrically about Irish Republican martyrs from the early twentieth century and before. The likes of Téglásy (a staunch Catholic) and even the imagery and (real) history of The Knights Templar are surely more in tune with Catholicism than they are with Dowson’s previous ‘Kick the Pope’ activities.

Antifascists in the Irish Republic have long suspected Dowson of encouraging their boisterous and hugely unpleasant fascist movement. Although that is most certainly the case, he’s most certainly not putting his money into them. The only thing Dowson puts his own money into is a fuel guzzling car and a tobacconist. If anything, he’s more likely to be charging them for his advice. One of those who has most certainly been a recipient of Dowson’s ‘midas touch’ is Niall McConnell of the uber pious Siol na hEireann organisation. He has often been an hilarious contributor to Griffin and Dowson’s online broadcasts about gays, immigration, Islam, Covid and the price of fish. Still, McConnell’s latest contribution on social media may well yet get Griffin up and banging his lambeg!

Niall prefers his Easter in July, apparently. He won’t be joining Griffin and Dowson for the Protestant marching season..

Nothing to see anywhere but fascist lies..

Much has been written about the failed romance between Britain First leader Paul Golding and his former deputy, Jayda Fransen. They were a most formidable and financial double act back in the day. Since a most acrimonious split, the pair have found it difficult to replace each other.

Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding. Raising cash and fists in the ‘good old days’ together

Golding’s still current obsession with Fransen has now spilled over to social media. Yes, he keeps a very close eye on what Ms Fransen is posting these days – and when he likes what she posts, he simply steals it as his own an hour later

Golding steals one of Fransen’s social media posts. All’s fair in love and war

Most unsurprising and disturbing, is how Golding, Britain First and the rest of the British right and far-right have responded to the mounting unrest in France. What Britain First has started doing is stealing impossible-to-be true film clips from action movies, and passing them off as a true and accurate report of what is happening there. Some may recall during the last European Elections, Britain First were reporting gun shots being fired at a rally by Golding’s bedfellow Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson). There were no gunshots (of course), but there was the very real possibility of serious rioting.

Golding was posting film of supposed rioters (black rioters, obviously) pushing cars off building roofs! Unfortunately for him, he was caught out and shamed by people who recognised said footage as being stolen from the film ‘The Fate of the Furious.’ Eventually, Golding removed the clips, but with no apology and no explanation. And obviously, with no repercussions from Twitter’s free speech advocate and owner.

Golding: Dangerous and delusional


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