Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 31 07 23

Of Straight White Men And Bread Rolls…

When it comes to bothering God, many on the far right do it as a “last refuge” of the scoundrel type thing. You only have to watch and listen, for instance, to the heretics of the National Front struggling with the Lord’s Prayer on a Remembrance Sunday. Others with fewer than no stamps on their dance card genuinely obfuscate God with Hitler – what with Jesus failing the cricket test and all that.

And that is why there is (improbable) rejoicing in the Kingdom of Heaven this morning, with confirmation Jim Dowson is not just white and straight, he’s also a right royal reverend in his own little church on the prairie.

Dowson: Taking a few cold ones up to his own, personal Jesus

The shocking admission of Jim’s true gender and ethnicity came in the midst of last weekend’s Belfast Pride. Grabbing a ladder so he could be closer to his Lord and Master, Jim Dowson (didn’t) break a thousand hearts by heading out to his consecrated shed to warn God to stop sending rainbows on a wet weekend in case it encourages dancing and fornication.

What God’s work literally does not look like

So close to God is Dowson, yes, he’s converted his outhouse into a chapel – just as it says to do so in the bible/B&Q catalogue. And now, every Sunday, with dog collar and a goblet of Ribena, Dowson is sermonising about morality all over the interweb as the “ordained congregational minister” at his very own “Priory Church of Magdalene Chapel” in his back garden.

Dowson: Thrown out of Hungary, but not his own temple.

I know many of you will be curious as to how a devout Presbyterian like Dowson is suddenly throwing his lot in with what seems remarkably like Popery. The answer is simple; as we reported a couple of weeks ago, there is money in Dowson being everyone’s own and personal conduit to Jesus, so he’ll don any old robe and religious doctrine, creed or gospel if it helps his pension fund. From Belfast to Baltimore and the Balkans, Jim Dowson is milking the Magdalena whilst demanding the Serbs invade neighbouring Kosovo where he probably dropped a shilling during one of his secret and troubling hunting trips previously.

Griffin (forth from the right), has taken his retirement well…

And, if you were – for whatever reason, in doubt Jesus was a white, Aryan bloke – despite being born and living in the Middle East a couple of thousand years ago, Dowson’s old mate Nick Griffin even has one of them £1200 robes that says so..

Self – proclaimed ‘Antifa Hunter’ scared of being hunted by other fascists

Lee Scheres of Leeds. Not the thinking man’s crumpet

Described as being “drunken and wired” is probably one of the safest things said we can repeat about Leeds-based weirdo, Lee Scheres. Either that, or I’m labouring under some illusion this is a family-read blog, and if it’s not, I shall make my excuses and leave. Scheres made a “name” for himself a few years ago by running around far right demonstrations, “drunken and wired” on a mission to unmask “antifa” for his Facebook page and personal, viewing pleasure. He told everyone he was performing a public service – though he never actually got close to anyone that fitted the description he gave. Instead, he just harassed ordinary lefties and trade unionists. And of course, if you’re an anti-antifascist, that can only make you one sort of person. Then his ex-missus took up the baton, and I shall there make my excuses and leave.

Nothing about this moron would make any normal person think he was anything other than a fascist

Over the weekend Scheres was begging for other fascists to step up and provide security as he is scared of being attacked by other fascists. “The only way I can attend the seacroft [sic] leeds [sic] protest is if i [sic] have security for protection” he whined. Yep, there’s so many sic’s in that, it’s enough to make you sick.

The Only Good Nazi Is...

Every year, Preston in Lancashire plays host to a shite séance but magnificent white man’s buffet lunch. We used to send Eddy Morrison along to grab information, badges and sausage rolls for us – but sometimes it was too much even for him. I guess those revelations have made it impossible that Morrison join the dead exalted list of unlamented Nazis being paid tribute to this year. It is only right and proper the British far right pay tribute to their dead. The problem is that so few of them liked each other when they were actually living and breathing. This year’s fun-fest has such a glossy litany of speakers, they’ve had to list them alphabetically so as to avoid any tantrums as to who gets top billing. The same thing used to happen when The Beatles and Rolling Stones were both on the bill at The Old Tigers Head in Lee Green. This year is the two traitors Moseley and Ian Stuart Donaldson given the eminent billing as being the most favourite dead Nazi. What Sir Oswald would’ve made of having to share top billing, even in death, with a tuneless oik like Ian Stuart Donaldson is anyone’s idea, but I’m sure once Ms Towler has consulted her tea leaves we’ll all be relieved to know that, even in Valhalla, Donaldson cannot hold a tune or string a coherent sentence together.

Poor Alex Davies: It’s wasn’t just his bread roll Collett was stealing

Many of you will be delighted to see Mark Collett finally getting out of the house and talking to real people. Of late, the Internet’s number one Fuhrer has been the victim of awful slander and backstabbing by former racial comrades who feel he is more interested in himself, his mirror and some stuff he keeps in his wardrobe, than he is in building a movement bottom-up from the very bowels of society. Now, I’m not one to give legal advice to potential law – breaking Nazis, but they really do need to be careful as to who they let into the big afternoon in Preston. And no, it’s not the Country and Western band I keep hearing about. It’s that damned Terrorism Act that keeps locking them up. All it needs is one or two too many from Yorkshire joining them, and it could all end up with someone being locked up. I’ll give you a hint; the above picture has Collett dining with some of the guest speakers at a previous, but secret, function – and there he is looking lovingly into the ear of Alex “most Nazi of them all” Davies.

If I was as uncharitable as certain other people, I would suggest Collett’s own group, Patriotic Allotment, was little more than a continuity front for National Action.


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