Sunderland’s Nazi gangs continue their arguments

Duncan Cahill - 30 04 17
Charlton: Monosyllabic, racist motor mouth



Previously we have written extensively about the ongoing arguments between convicted thug and drug dealer Warren Faulkner and ‘Caps Lock’ legend Billy Charlton.

The two men both run rival gangs in Sunderland that were some time long, long ago part of the English Defence League (EDL).  Charlton, who leads the Sunderland Defence League was very excited to play host to the rejuvenated Stephen Lennon, the founder of the EDL, this weekend.

Charlton prepares for Lennon’s visit

Faulkner, who is not a fan of Lennon, stayed away from the event. This infuriated Charlton, who is a notoriously foul mouthed and boorish speaker- but he does always demand that people come and listen to him rant.

After Lennon left town, the arguments began



The fall out between Faulkner and Charlton is related to who did the most damage when both gangs joined up with other neo-nazis to riot in Dover last year.

Faulkner also has his own bit of history with Lennon; he once led a gang from the North East that tried to ambush Lennon and his cousin Kevin Carroll in Blackburn when the EDL begun to crumble.

As for Dover, both Charlton and Faulkner  brag they were at the forefront of the trouble, but neither man has been arrested for any part in the rioting that took part on the day. To be fair to Charlton, he was so inebriated on that day in January 2016, that he could barely walk or talk. Faulkner, it appears, has so far had a lucky escape- that’s all.

Faulkner: Number one Nazi in Sunderland?


So having not bothered popping along to see Lennon and Charlton in Sunderland yesterday, Faulkner has been once more targeted by Charlton as to who does the most to bring hatred to Sunderland.

It’s an argument that has rumbled on and on for ages and will no doubt rumble on for a lot longer. But it is nice to see them at each other’s throats like this. There’s no doubting that both sides are violent and nasty.

Faulkner fires back at Charlton

So, it gives the decent people in the world a chance to relax.



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