Dyson set to add to UKIP woes

Sarah Archibald - 05 05 17

North East Infidel Lee Dyson appears determined to add to UKIP’s woes after the party suffered what looks like electoral wipe-out in yesterday’s local elections.

Even by far right standards,  Dyson is not the brightest.

He once sat outside a polling station handing out pens because, well, you know, he read a conspiracy on the internet.

We’ve reported before on how he once organised a demo so badly attended that even his far right friends had to tear him a new one.

In that same report we told of his cunning plan to paint doors in Middlesborough red so that asylum seekers could be identified. Of course he didn’t.

He also once angered the now leader of the EDL, Alan Spence, by filming fellow fascists giving their details to local police. Spence was so angry he posted the video on YouTube. Yeah, we don’t get that logic either.

Anyway, this morning, as UKIP was nursing its electoral bruises, this intellectual colossus announced his intention to stand for the party.

EDL Infidel UKIP election
As you can see, this mad idea has its supporters. Among them is Mark Pearson who is fresh out of prison having been given two years for violent disorder in Dover. Pearson earned himself notoriety, not just for throwing Nazi salutes in the Kent town, but by shouting and screaming at the judge in court.

Amusingly her Honour Judge Adele Williams simply muted the video link on which the North East Nazi was appearing.

The chances are Dyson’s not even a member, which make becoming a candidate more than a little tricky.

We think even UKIP would draw the line at associating with a man who has been in both the English Defence League and North East Infidels. Officially they must. They have a rule.

They might also want consider his endless stupidities. Like when he announced his desire to kill a traffic warden.

North East Infidels
An idea that needs parking.

Responding to the enthusiastic response to his electoral ploy, Dyson revealed that the good people of Stockton would “see a different me”

Do you mean different to this Lee?

Lee Dyson North East Infidels
An arresting figure.



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