Nick Griffin to appeal Hungary’s decision to bar him

Matthew Collins - 27 05 17

We broke news earlier this week that the Hungarian government had decided to expel Britain First founder and far-right fundraiser Jim Dowson from their country.

This was very quickly followed with news that Nick Griffin had been banned too. Although Dowson has been strangely quiet on the issue (he has preferred to concentrate his time issuing dire warnings about the coming destruction of Britain by Muslims, instead) things are apparently worse for Griffin; he has also been barred “by a mouthy Australian lesbian barmaid” who works at a pub near the High Court in London.

Griffin has announced he will appeal the decision to ban him from re-entering the country by Hungary’s interior ministry. His announced this on the same day he had called for thousands of British Muslims to be deported from the United Kingdom.

The decision to bar the 58-year-old Griffin, was taken on the advice of Hungary’s counter-terror police unit TEK, the ministry said in a statement sent to AFP.

“The British national John Nicholas Griffin is a persona non grata in Hungary who has been… issued with entry and residency bans,” it said. One assumes (though it is not yet clear,) it is exactly the same for Dowson, the man who helped get Griffin elected to the European parliament in 2009 by raising millions of pounds for the British National Party (BNP).

Dowson and his new friends in March this year

Although neither Griffin or Dowson are involved in terrorism it is believed that the Hungarian government (eventually) tired of their antics, most notably hanging around with militia types in neighbouring countries and also giving platforms to groups like Hatvannégy Vármegye Ifjúsági Mozgalom (64 Counties Youth Movement), a group that is little more than a nazi terrorist organisation that plots outrages and subversion in countries bordering Hungary.

The matter may have been more complicated if Griffin and Dowson had actually bought properties in Hungary, but at the time of the government’s decision, neither of them had actually parted with any cash- though Griffin is believed to have been very close to settling on a property. Much of the property which Dowson is associated with is tied up through a series of associations with small churches and a myriad of other business interests and the kindness of well-wishers.  Eastern and Central Europe, in particular Hungary, has been targeted for ‘resettlement’ by a number of Europe’s far-right old guard for the last three to four years. Griffin, who lost his seat as a member of the European Parliament in 2014 and was then booted from his position as leader of the British National Party (BNP) only a few months later, had been leading the call for like-minded ‘nationalists’ to abandon their homes and their struggles in Western Europe ever since.

Griffin (right) with Mahler (centre) in 2002

Only last month, Dowson had expanded his internet ‘news’ agency to neighbouring Serbia where he wanted to expand his daily output of anti-western propoganda, a persistent rallying call against liberalism, immigration, abortion and Islam.

So successful and  pernicious has Dowson been at this, that questions have even been asked in the United States about his activities.

The plan had been for Griffin and Dowson to simply retire to Hungary away from the ‘excesses’ of the west, but neither seemed able to help themselves from themselves.  They helped turn Hungary into what we described in a special investigation in the latest edition of HOPE not hate magazine as the Centre of a New Rebellion.

Not only had the two decided they could sell Hungary (literally) to other fascists, Dowson was also keen to import Boer farmers from South Africa to work on Hungarian farms. A source close to the Hungarian government told us earlier this year that the plan had a “quite receptive” audience in the government until a former member of the South African Apartheid regime’s intelligence services (and also a former member of the BNP) turned up uninvited in the Hungarian capital Budapest with farmers in tow.

Sources in Germany had also tried to link Dowson and Griffin with the appearance in Budapest of wanted Holocaust denier Horst Mahler who turned up earlier this month demanding asylum from the German government. Although neither had anything to do with Mahler’s disappearance from Germany or his later reappearance in the Hungarian capital, it was seen as further evidence that Mahler’s choice of Hungary as a bolthole was based on the country’s growing reputation for tolerating the most intolerant of Western Europe’s failed political parties.

As far as we know, Griffin had only met Mahler once and that was back in 2002. Nor is it likely that Dowson would be keen to harbor someone of Mahler’s ilk.

Still, the two were unable to help themselves in other ways. Although both had sworn they had no interest in interfering in Hungarian politics, both men were consumed with ensuring that Hungary continued its slide into political darkness and isolation from the west. They helped organise a conference in March of this year at which Griffin made a horrendous speech attacking the Hungarian Jewish businessman George Soros, who has tried to counter some of the government’s most recent illiberal behaviour.

Two months after Griffin’s speech to the conference identified the previously unknown Aurora Centre in Budapest, it was attacked by uniformed thugs linked to the Sixty-Four County Youth Movement. Griffin had described the centre as a “left wing Jewish youth association” with a mission “bring unaffiliated Jews who it tries to bring back to the fold and I quote ‘sneaking Judea-ism into our program just to give them a taste and whet their appetite’.”

Unsurprisingly, Griffin is blaming Soros for the Hungarian government’s decision to make he and Soros “persona non grata.”

You can read more about our investigation into Hungary here



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