More shameless bigotry from Stephen Lennon

Duncan Cahill - 27 05 17
Lennon at the Manchester vigil last Tuesday 


My colleague Sarah Archibald was incensed during the week when she had to witness English Defence league (EDL) founder Stephen Lennon proclaiming he was a journalist and like the greedy grief tourist he is, barging his way on to Albert Square in Manchester to take photos of local people mourning the victims of the previous day’s terror attack.

Indeed, Lennon’s ‘old’ friends in the EDL, like Lennon, tried to make political gain and stir further hatred from the tragedy. They actually began their notoriously moronic chant “E-E-EDL” as people grieved.

Such a great “journalist” is the convicted fraudster, that as well as using the fake name ‘Tommy Robinson’ instead of his own, he has been very loose with the facts on just about everything he has touched. Pull him up on it, or stupidly call him a white surpremacist, and you’ll receive threats and a maybe even a threatening visit from him and his friends. Yes, he is hardly from the John Pilger school of journalism. Why, Lennon didn’t even know who the Mayor of Manchester was.

But that is not the point. Yesterday my colleague Joe Mulhall took to task Lennon’s persistent insistence that he is not an extremist. Or even right-wing.

He didn’t read his currant bun properly.



A further example of Lennon’s fake news nastiness is proven again today, when he heard there had been an incident involving a Muslim in Portland, in the United States. Not even bothering to read the article about the incident, Lennon tweeted to his followers his outrage at another Muslim incident.

So joyous was he in his ignorance, that Lennon tweeted a link to a news story from The Sun newspaper, certain that it was another horror story about the “religion of peace again.” That’s a sarcastic code word for Islam, by the way.

Having realised the error of his ways and the fact that somebody would probably write somewhere that he is a hate filled bigot, Lennon redressed his mistake by tweeting the same news story by another news source a little later. This time, it was from the bleeding heart liberal, Cultural Marxist Guardian. They use slightly longer words in the Guardian, but the story was pretty much the same.

The damn lefty liberals get it right




The only thing not missing? An apology from Lennon for being lazy, ignorant and bigoted and not checking his facts. As usual.




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