Lennon hijacks ‘Gays Against Sharia’ protest

Sarah Archibald - 06 06 17

Stephen Lennon’s ego (and alter ego) is yet again causing friction among the less-than-massed ranks of the UK’s far right.

Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson etc) has hijacked this weekend’s ‘Gays Against Sharia’ event, rebranding it under the name of his latest vehicle, Unite Against Hate (UAH)

The protest in Manchester this Sunday was first announced by organiser Tommy Cook (aka Tommy English) on January 28th.

But just ten days prior Lennon stepped in to steal Cook’s thunder as he attempts, in his words “to build a movement across the country.”

Cook seems a bit peeved. That’s understandable isn’t it? He’s spent five months creating an event to which a huge 40 people have currently said they are going to attend.

Before arrival of the Luton thunder-stealer


Then along comes the gobby little book merchandiser from Luton to claim the credit.

Tommy Cook Tommy Robinson
Cook v Lennon


The diminutive former football hooligan also reckons UAH – which appears to be modelled on his failed Pegida UK – will “take these ISIS fighters, get these terrorists and take them off our streets”.

Yeah mate, of course you will. It’s that easy. I’m not sure why the security services haven’t thought of the superior tactic of stomping around the country with a young camera-touting posho and ever-present mate, Charlie.

Among a star-studded cast that Lennon has assembled for the show is “Anne Marie Waters of UKIP”, as he bills her. This is the Anne Marie Waters that even UKIP felt they must deselect as their candidate for Lewisham.

However, Anne Marie  has been somewhat tired and emotional of late. She also claimed on Twitter to have been held by police against her will. That sounds like an arrest Anne Marie.

Anne Marie Waters Pegida
Tired and emotional.
Anne Marie Waters Manchester
An arresting comment.

That theory is borne out by the EDL’s Stockport intellectual, Andy Edge who helpfully told the world she’s currently on bail. If that’s true, it’d be interesting to know what conditions are attached and whether any restriction exists on association with known members of far right groups.

We’re close to the Edge.

There’s also Caolan Robertson, the fresh-faced voice of the people. Of Kensington and Chelsea.

I wonder if he’s in any way related to the Caolan who featured in the Channel 4 programme Shut Your Facebook?

According to one online reviewer, that Champagne-quaffing Caolan spoke “frankly about wanting fame and luxury”. That Caolan clocked up an impressive £5,000 debt funding his social media fame campaign.

A huge ego and the ability to burn through wads of cash promoting it. That Caolan would get on well with Lennon.

This Caolan unperturbed by an unecessary £5k debt.
This Caolan would do anything for fame.
A Caolan among “teen narcissists”

Lennon’s takeover comes too after the Gays Against Sharia event suffered it’s only PR troubles, as we reported last week.

It also follows the highly predictable shambles that was the EDL’s ‘national demo’ in Liverpool. We’re grateful to Mr Edge for highlighting above just how pathetic and pointless that gathering was.

Bolstered by a small gang of Loyalists bearing the flag of the terrorist Ulster Volunteer Force, the EDL mustered barely 80 rowdies.

Massively outnumbered by locals and anti-fascists who sat in their path, the EDL didn’t get to reach their demo point or make speeches. They did, though, make slightly more progress than their Nazi National Action forebearers.

That motley clutch of white men famously were famously corralled into Lime Street station’s luggage booth. The motley clutch of white EDL men were instead coralled into a Lime Street loading bay. It’s progress right?

To add to their humiliation, witty locals also played the Benny Hill theme tune as the EDL were turned back.

Quite what reception awaits Lennon’s post-Pegida posse on Sunday remains unknown. What is known is that Mancunians have not been at all impressed with the far right’s attempts at grief thievery in this city so far.

Bill of Not-Rights.




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