Man arrested at Manchester EDL protest was Stockport Nazi

Sarah Archibald - 29 06 17

The day after the Manchester terror attack EDL supporters who descended on the city were sent packing by angry locals.

As one Mancunian neatly and loudly put it: “The people of Manchester don’t stand with your xenophobia and racism.”

The gang of flag-waving grief-thieves were soon helped on their way by Greater Manchester’s finest.

But before they departed, one man was arrested.

That man was Morgan Elsby, a virulent National Socialist from Stockport.

Morgan Elsby
Arndale arrest.

He turned up in the city sporting a Burzum tee-shirt. This hinted at his political affiliations. Burzum is the name under which Norwegian Nazi, church arsonist and murderer Varg Vikernes trades.

You need not dig much further to discover Elsby breathless adoration of fascism and National Socialism. His Facebook page makes for most disturbing reading. No doubt the security services have given it more than a once-over. He has lonely lupine written all over him.

He claims his arrest was an outrage. He was just “trying to spread free thinking knowlage (sic) and make my presence know (sic) publicly in times of crisis.”

“Fools” (ie. proper Mancunians) had stood against him. Then the nasty policemen took him away.


The day after being nicked he appeared to justify his actions by quoting his hero, Adolf Hitler.

Morgan Elsby Hitler
Elsby appears to liken himself to Hitler.

He’s not right.

Elsewhere on his Facebook he can be found denying the existence of the gas chambers and yet quoting the lyrics of a Hitler-idolising song which read:

“Gas, gas, gas! I’m gonna step on the gas

Tonight I’ll rise and be your fuhrer

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Those Jews will be turned to ash

And I’ll be your hero.”


Stockport Nazi

Holocaust denial.

Elsewhere he praises Mussolini for being able to produce a fascist tract that so easy to read.

Manchester Nazi

But it’s Hitler who is his first love and whose image he uses to promote hatred towards those fleeing civil war.

Photoshopping from his Mum’s in Stockport.

We’re not alone in wondering what happened to turn Morgan into a full-on Nazi. He used to play bass in a local band. Even did a gig at Band on the Wall, the most multi-cultural of venues in the city.

A couple of former friends also query his flirtation with fascism. He’s not interested in their views. It seems those Mancunians who don’t subscribe to the Nazi doctrine have been taught to hate him by a Marxist educational system.

Morgan Elsby Nazi
Not a Nazi? You’ve been brainwashed by Marxists then.
Elsby Hitler
No cake for a former pal.

As well as being a fan of British Ethno Nationalism he’s also keen on UKIP and Mr Farage.

Morgan Elsby UKIP










Dressing up too. He likes dressing up.

All dressed up, no mates to go.


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