Sunderland’s ‘Billy Liar’ accused of plundering prison fund

Sarah Archibald - 16 10 17

There’s never a dull moment in the North East, home to many of the lowliest of Britain’s far right thugs.

This weekend was no exception.

A perfectly timed if wholly nonsensical demo, saw a long-running feud draw close to a climax.

The protest was organised by Andrew Edge, between pints abroad with Paul and Jayda, the world’s worst Bonne & Clyde impersonators.

It bore all his hallmarks. Dismal attendance and reeking of alcohol and stupidity.

His call for the massed ranks to rally in Sunderland saw some 86 of the usual suspects turn up, ales in hand. They were joined by star turn Jayda whose trademark screech could probably be heard in Gateshead.

The boys in blue will certainly have caught her labelling them “bastard traitors” and her 85 colleagues questioning the status of their nationality.

Jayda was duly nicked and spent a couple of night in the local custody suite, before being released by Sunderland magistrates on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning she and Paul have a date with Medway magistrates.

Her stunt seemed to earn her more enemies than friends on Tyne and Wear. More than a few noses were put out of joint as Jayda’s took attention away from the demo itself. Perhaps given its low turnout and massively undermined premise, perhaps that was for the best anyway.

Jayda Fransen arrestedBefore Jayda surrendered herself to the local bobbies, the Nuremberg tribute act that surrounded her decided to storm the police line. As the thin blue line held, they then whined of alleged brutality.

This was blatant cods, as the video so kindly shot by Davey “quick, scarper” Russell so helpfully demonstrated.

Our photographer also caught convicted Bolton racist Wayne Riley luncheoning on a policeman’s digit.

He normally sucks his own thumb.


Poor old Riley had to retreat to Roker beach to recover and wet his appetite for an ale in Yates’s. The poor boy had a tough week. The previous Saturday he and his dog were tugged by Staffordshire Police. The duo were on a train returning from the Football Lads Alliance do when it seems Riley’s enormous gob had them both surveying the inside of a police van.

Many of you will know that the demo was launched under the banner of Justice for Chelsey campaign. We shan’t delve too deep into the whys and the wherefores, but simply point you to statements made both by Northumbria Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

These explain why no prosecutions followed allegations made, changed and amplified by known North East extremists.

Justice for Chelsey
The CPS being forthright to the Sunderland Echo

Note that line: “Therefore, the motives of these individuals must now be called into question.”

Well quite.

Meanwhile there was one notable absentee from Saturday’s gathering. William “Silly Billy” Charlton.

Charlton had once been a figurehead of the Justice for Chelsey campaign. But the Caps Lock King has since been embroiled in what you might politely call, a financial scandal.

His old mates are, naturally, not polite. A “f*cking thief” says Charlie Rafferty, adding in his Facebook video review that his old drinking buddy is, in fact, a “fat horrible c*nt, lowlife scumbag.”

No Christmas card this year then.

The insults are flying over a long festering feud over the distribution of donations made to the patriots Prisoner Fund.

Charlton was at the forefront of collections, the Chief Chugger if you will. He often toted the bucket at demos and the glass at Sunderland hostelry, Joseph’s. It was at this drinking hole that the questions were first asked.

Since then the allegations have mounted.

Charlton sought to defend himself by posting a picture of some bank statements. Apparently this somehow proves that the money went to those it was intended for – that is the far right thugs jailed for violence in Dover – and wasn’t instead spent on nights on the Sunderland lash.

Billy Charlton

Strangely, this was not considered watertight by Charlton’s now estranged colleagues. So suspicious were they that they started quizzing those in or released from jail about whether any cash had made it to their cells.

According to Rafferty, just £400 is accounted for and this went solely to Billy’s pals, Tommy Allan and John Boyes. “Who got the money” he asks, pointing out that Tony Baker and “the 66 jailed with him got none.”

“Nobody loved him more than I did” wittered Charlie before suggesting Charlton needs professional help and that his former best bud is a “fat f*cking horrible gutter rat.”

Oh Billy. You’ve broken his little heart.

Not one to leave the pot when it could be given a vigorous stir, Edge has now joined the lynch mob.

Billy Charlton thief
Billy; no longer close to the Edge.

Whilst many have been quick to drop Billy, he can at least take some solace that at least one of the two confirmed Fund beneficiaries is sticking with him.

Who says you can buy friends? Who?

He has another backer too in John Vickers. Some – not us, obviously – might question how helpful it is to have the backing of a man who attacked a 23 year-old female special constable.Against the backdrop of the allegations the far right has been actively promoting in Sunderland, it doesn’t seem terrifically appropriate.

It’s all terribly unseemly. Every single aspect of it.

But then when it comes to the drunken showers that are the North East Infidels and the various splinters in the region, that’s just daily life.


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