Charity cheat Brannigan takes Football Lads managerial role

Sarah Archibald - 17 04 18

Notoriously divisive far right activist Pamela Brannigan has secured a managerial position with the relegation battling Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

Meighan: Red carded.

Brannigan has stepped up after FLA founder John Meighan stepped down. This, he says, is so he can spend more time with his family. Nothing then to do then with the allegations that have long dogged Meighan of monies supposedly destined for the Royal British Legion going astray.

Brannigan’s elevation is a little ironic in the circumstances. In 2013 we exposed her as a charity cheat.

She claimed to be a representative of Help For Heroes and ran a shop in its name in her native Sunderland.

Unfortunately the charity denied having anything to do with either her or the shop. The latter played host to English Defence League (EDL) supporters, the gang she was with at the time.

Our revelations caused quite a kerfuffle.

To be honest though, wherever Pam goes, discord and disruption are soon to follow.

Last year, as we reported, fellow Sunderland activist Billy Charlton declared she had destroyed the local EDL. She’s also hung with neo Nazis in Blackpool – when trouble inevitably broke out – and caused ructions in the ranks of the now all but defunct North West Infidels.

More recently she could be found ligging with the South East Alliance, the hooligan fascist gang run by prison-dodging Paul Prodromou.

Match highlights

So, to recap. The FLA, which insists it’s not a far right gang, lost its founder following a row over charity monies allegedly going missing. As soon as he’s gone down the tunnel, a notorious far right activist previously revealed to be a charity fake comes to the fore.

It’s not a good look is it?

Certainly the lads themselves seem aghast at the news……

So Branningan’s first move in the post-Meighan era is to ban any FLA supporter who points to her somewhat chequered past.

She’s also swiftly moved to prevent any outbreak of unity.

With Meighan gone, speculation soon arose as to whether splinter group the Democratic Football Lads Alliance might rejoin the squad. After all they only split because of the allegations against Meighan.

With Pam as a leader unification is not going to happen. A unification title bout maybe.

Brannigan: Making sure peace doesn’t break out.

She does have  her defenders though. Well a defender. Plays on the right wing. Leeds-based Richy Linford tackled her detractors with a two-footed lunge. Pam is his good mate and those lefties at HOPE not hate told lies about her. One of these statements is true.

Far be it from me to suggest that Richy is perhaps not the best to be handing out character references. I’ll just share his Facebook profile on which he declares himself CEO and founder of something called the Loyalist Defence League. Sounds a proper nice lad.



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