EDL and Yorkshire Patriots threaten Leeds’ Little Tommy

Sarah Archibald - 07 09 18

Another turf war has broken out in Yorkshire as various factions once more battle for supremacy of what’s left of the North’s fractured far right.

Centre stage this time around is Adam McDonagh, the Yaxley-Lennon wannabe dubbed by all as Leeds’ “Little Tommy.”

Like his idol, McDonagh is not without ego. His head could fill Elland Road. He seeks to steal more light than a total eclipse. You get the picture, on an IMAX screen.

His self-adoration has not gone down well.

Last week David Smaller unceremoniously booted McDonagh from his role as admin for the Yorkshire Patriots’ Facebook group.

Then he got grief from several quarters for duplicate posting of a selfie video, some outrageously suggesting he loves himself just a little too much.

Now that pitiful group upped the ante by issuing threats of fisticuffs.

McDonagh can, though, take pride in having helped unite the right.

However he does seem less than delighted that his former pals in the English Defence League (EDL) also appear keen to rearrange his cherubic and much self-photographed face.

The tough boys’ talk has has spilled over as sides are chosen and keyboards angrily hit.

Birkenhead hot-head Tim Birch is in trouble for not sharing the love for Little Tommy. Nor his dress sense.

Smart yet not smart Little Tommy with Tim Birch (left) and Pete Cresswell.

Wythenshawe’s Steve Manc ditched his Lancashire pride (and no doubt a few tins of extra strong lager) in order to defend his Yorkshire comrade.

Maybe the pair should just meet up atop Windy Hill on the M62 to sort out the differences? If I could recommend it, lane three lads.

Meanwhile it’s been another busy week of pointless shouting and court-bothering for McDonagh.

On Wednesday he was outside Kirklees Magistrates once again seeking to emulate his hero by live streaming footage of defendants at whom he and his pals were shouting.

Inexplicably indulged by the local media he also took to loudly screaming that he couldn’t possibly be racist because his son-in-law is half-Jamaican. Honest. He said that.

Unfortunately for him – and any future family gatherings – McDonagh also decided now was the time to express support for the National Front (NF) and British National Party (BNP).

Given his own heritage we wait to see if McDonagh signs up to the “No Irish” element of the infamous slogan embraced by his ideological forebears.

Whatever, this morning he yet again followed in Yaxley-Lennon’s footpath by declaring he’s ditching group affiliations. He clearly think he’s a brand in his own right now and can go solo.

To be honest Adam mate, the king of going solo is David Coppin. You can never take the crown from a man who journeyed from Margate to Preston for a demo that never was. That, son, is going it alone.




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