BNP leadership election is all about the money

07 07 19

The British National Party (BNP) was once Britain’s largest and most successful fascist party. They were on the cusp of a lot of things- except normality.

Thankfully, we now hear very little of them due to them taking their ill-gotten gains to the Cumbrian coastline to offer holiday lets to tourists. This is a better offer than the mass repatriation of non-white people and work camps for working class children they offered previously.

Holiday lettings is probably exactly what John Tyndall, the party’s founder, envisaged for the party way back in 1982, when he formed the BNP because the National Front (NF) simply was not Nazi enough anymore.

It’s been somewhat of an open secret that those who now lead the party, own the party.  The BNP may be virtually moribund, but it is very, very wealthy with it and so it is that the most active thing about the BNP is its bank account.

Furness with Walker in 2016. The party’s last known outing

The BNP now faces its first leadership election since 2015, with another angry member coming forward to challenge what some may say is the dubious and damaging leadership of Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson (aka Aitken). The last leadership election was a classic stitch-up and the challenger then, Paul Hilliard, was really onto a massive hiding offering only that he captained his local pub’s pool team as qualification to lead a filthy rich Nazi party.

Now the party leadership faces the equally unformidable challenge by David Furness, the London- based bore in a suit who has become the party’s mouthpiece and perennial losing election candidate. Furness has risen to the challenge of expulsion from the BNP for querying what happens to all the money it has. Foolishly, Furness thinks he has the support of the 87 members in London and that should be enough to win him the coveted signatory on the party’s cheque book.

Of course, Furness will be up against 800 proxy votes, the votes of life members who the party has long since been abandoned by. And let’s not forget the couple of hundred memberships’ bought by the leadership in the case of such an event. Sad really, isn’t it? And how do we know the BNP has 87 members in London and the South East?

The current BNP leader, Adam Walker, was last seen being laughed off the nation’s media in 2016 when he took umbrage with difficult questions. Walker gives the media a wide berth at the best of times, what with his unseemly criminal convictions and life time ban from teaching.

This has not stopped him, however, talking up his prosecution from hunting down young boys with a knife like it is some kind of medal of honour. In his statement to the party website, he writes:

“Over the last decade I have been persecuted, arrested, dragged through the courts, physically attacked and vilified by Britain’s enemies – because I’m the Chairman of the BNP.

The pressures of being the Chairman are unique. Anyone not used to it is likely to fold, which would be disastrous. You can rely on me to stand firm – because our members deserve the very best!

‘Britain’s enemies’ would be the law courts and the parents of terrified children pursued by Walker in his four wheel drive whilst he was clutching a knife. It’s also worth pointing out that Walker was persecuted and vilified before he became leader. Walker became leader of the BNP by knifing former leader Nick Griffin in the back one sunny afternoon in 2014, long after Griffin had thought Walker would never dare attempt to lead the BNP. It’s all here and here and incredibly tawdry.

Jefferson and Walker. The dodgiest political double act ever

Furness makes much in his election address of the fact he is the public face of the BNP. A face nobody ever sees because the BNP no longer gets any publicity other than when Walker gets pissed off and goes after young boys with a knife.

Furness writes:

“I will be seen, I will be heard, and I will be listening.

I have a public image free of any controversy in my various unpaid roles, which have included press officer, national spokesman, regional secretary, sub-regional organiser, and as a candidate at local, parliamentary, European, Greater London Assembly (GLA) elections, and the 2016 London mayoral election.

I am the only leadership candidate that has maintained a strong media presence. Additionally, I’ve managed to get many media outlets to change their inaccurate and biased reporting of the BNP. My experience as a press officer and national spokesman will be vital to put us back in the media spotlight.”

Whether this means Furness is himself going to go out with a knife and hunt down some kids if elected, is unclear. But one thing he does make clear, is that if elected, he will be getting a full time salary (and presumably one of those holiday homes on the Cumbria coast.)

Furness launching a leadership bid could not come at a worse time for Walker and Jefferson.

Former party employee Chris Barnett is currently taking legal action over a number of key issues.  Writing to his own seven followers last Christmas, Barnett informed them:

I am forced to bring legal action against Adam Walker, Clive Jefferson
and other defendants, who have collectivity failed to reply in a
satisfactory manner to “Pre-action before claim” letters sent to them
by my solicitor. They have also failed to reply to follow up reminder

The defendants failure to treat the matter seriously only strengthens
the case against them.

That failure also gives me the green light to take the defendants to
court, we are past the point of no return. A date in court is
unavoidable and I will be working with my solicitor to ensure that
happens ASAP.

It has come to light, that not only have the defendants failed to
uphold the BNP Constitution, they have actually broken it by covertly
changing the BNP Constitution, refusing to acknowledge that it’s been
broken and furthermore, are ignoring any proposed remedies to fix it.

Before I go into the details of the legal action and why it’s being
brought, I urge all members to renew their membership of the party and not feel downhearted and demoralized in any way. It is vital that you do, because if you don’t, you will not have any say in the future of the party and you would be dropping your democratic right to vote in future BNP leadership elections, policy motions, votes of confidence
and constitution changes.

A lot of money is being spent on legal proceedings to force an EGM.

If and when that EGM happens, members need to turn up to it and vote for what they want, hopefully after a fair hearing from any voting member who wishes to speak.”

BNP members of old will of course remember Barnett, he was allegedly flown in from Switzerland to help oust former leader Nick Griffin at the last minute.

We estimate the BNP currently has around six million pounds to come in bequests.


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