Nasty Nick may be back, but it’s the same old dirty and tired trick.

Matthew Collins - 14 12 20

It’s been three months since former MEP and deposed leader of the British National Party (BNP) Nick Griffin made his anticipated and supremely unspectacular return to politics.

Edition two is already tired and repetitive

Actually, Politics is a rather charitable description of where Griffin now ploughs his hatred.

Griffin now edits a newspaper nobody reads in support of a leader nobody appears to care about.  In case you forgot, he’s editing ‘The Britannia’, the ‘real time’ (according to Griffin) newspaper of Jayda Fransen‘s British Freedom Party (BFP).

Fransen: Not so popular anymore

Although printed materials are somewhat of a welcome rarity for the digitally obsessed and increasingly illiterate far right in Britain, Ms Fransen’s attempt at a new and dynamic party periodical fell flat the moment she appointed Griffin to edit it. Not one previously for this whole business of Jew-baiting and hating, Griffin has written for Ms Fransen an eye opening introduction to a journey that will take her even further into the Nazi wilderness.  My money is on her stepping aside for Griffin very soon

Griffin’s previous efforts were always disastrous

Nick Griffin’s been active in fascism since the mid 1970’s and has edited countless fascist newspapers and magazines which all died a death from the actual lack of news under his editorial guidance.  Griffin is from the ‘news is bunk’ school of editing.  He’s managed to produce in ‘The Britannia’ something not dissimilar to the materials he put out in the 1980’s.  It’s factional, full of conspiracy and drivel and obviously not compiled by digital means.

Griffin’s first editorial in the second edition of the newspaper declares he has no intention of insulting anybody’s intelligence. I agree. That’s always been an impossibility with fascists.

Despite only having 16 pages to fill every quarter, there’s little new we didn’t already know about Griffin. He’s obsessed about Jews. Tall ones, small ones, thin ones and fat ones. From years of experience and expediency, he calls them all ‘Zionists’. That is Griffin’s code for Jews.

Television is not only full of Jews, it’s full of other minorities and he is not happy.  From kissing gayers to Muslims and even Transexuals, Griffin’s ice cold blast from the past will definitely strike a chord with every urn on every fireplace around the country.

‘The Britannia’ is meant to be widely distributed to homes the width and breadth of the United Kingdom and so it  is only right and proper he devotes a whole page attacking other tiny fascist parties’ nobody else has heard of. And even if you have heard of them, you’ll not be too shocked to read Griffin thinks they’re too soft on Jews and Gays.

Griffin’s feud with Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) goes back years and years and what better place to reignite this hatred than with a photograph insinuating Lennon is in the pay of Mossad. And other Jews?

The was some temporary relief when I stumbled across a column hidden next to a review Griffin wrote for his own writings, titled ‘Defund The WHO’.   If only the NME had such finery in its heyday, it may have survived the cull from British newsstands. But upon further inspection, this was actually about COVID and health. And Israel (a land where some Jews live).

Griffin: Thankfully invisible

COVID is apparently exaggerated nonsense and for a small fee (inflated postage) Fransen and Griffin will actually exempt you from having to wear a face cover in public. Who needs the World Health Organisation at all when you have the combined brilliance of Paul Golding’s ex-girlfriend and a Jew-hating pig farmer advising you?

Fascist newspapers are always boring. For a short time at least, Martin Wingfield (who led the National Front for a while before working for Griffin in the BNP) offered readers horseracing tips, racist football reviews and veiled Antisemitism when editing a newspaper. Griffin fired him from post both times.

I’m actually really looking forward to the third edition. The further unsettling news for Fransen came over the weekend when Griffin told a Dutch interviewer he was not keen on women leading political parties.  Short memories are nothing if not mandatory; when he led the BNP Griffin appointed his own daughter as leader of their youth wing with the stated intention she would one day inherit and lead the party from him.


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