Nazi gig promoter in trouble with the taxman

07 02 23

Old Chad is at it again…

Followers of HOPE not hate will know that last year we stopped five nazi gigs from taking place in the UK. On some occasions we revealed the plans for gigs and realising the true nature of the event, landlords cancelled. On other occasions, landlords were complicit and pressure had to be put on local authorities and the police to act.

One such gig was organised by Punishment Block, nazi music promotors and the brainchild of veteran nazi skinhead, Chad Charles (or Barrow, as he calls himself online). He had organised a gig in Widnes for last September, with the full knowledge of close friend and landlord of The Snig, in Widnes. After a campaign by HOPE not hate, the local authority and police forced the landlord to call off the event.

Chad Charles was angry. Very angry. In fact, in the immediate aftermath of the abandoned gig, he told friends that he was calling it a day. Punishment Block was no more and he was retiring as a nazi promotor. He acknowledged that one of his friends was talking to HOPE not hate and promised to find “the snake”.

Well, five months on, Chad has re-emerged with Street Sounds and is organising a gig on Saturday 11 March. Obviously learning from his previous failure, he is keeping the actual venue close to his chest and only intends to tell people a day before.

Nazi gig organiser Chad pictured doing the nazi salute whilst stood next to people
Gig organiser Chad Barrow (aka Chad Charles) performing the nazi salute (back centre)

Performing at the gig is Oldham band Pressure 28, led by Combat 18 thug and football hooligan Kevin Gough, Close Shave, Code 1 and Tooled Up.

Also advertised as playing was the Scottish Oi band Rottweiler, though according to their Facebook page the group disbanded a fortnight ago due to “family and work commitments”.

Tickets went on sale for £20 each, with people told to send the money to his wife’s PayPal account. No further details were given as, in Chad’s own words, “Be careful what’s said and posted on here. Still a snake in the grass about. If you need to discuss things go to private messenger,” wrote one of Chad’s close associates.

Just as Chad was thinking the gig was going to go ahead without HOPE not hate’s knowledge, his world has seemingly fallen in after being notified that he’s under investigation by the tax office for running a business whilst he (and his wife) claim benefits.

When HOPE not hate exposed Chad’s gig last September, we also revealed that he ran Patriot Streetwear UK, which sold nazi t-shirts and CDs, including Skrewdriver, Skullhead and Lionheart.

Well, it seems that some dastardly dude reported to the tax office and now Chad is under investigation for running a business whilst claiming disability benefit and will be formally interviewed tomorrow.

“I actually feel sick tbh and shitting it” he has told his friends.

The problem for poor old Chad is that he was quite open about his involvement in Patriot Streetwear UK. He even posted up pictures of him standing behind merchandise stalls. While he has now tried to cover his tracks by taking down the Patriot Streetwear UK from Facebook, he will be saddened to know that we have it all saved in case the authorities want it.

However, his private page on Instagram still exists and it openly sells dozens of t-shirts, which he sells for £15, meaning a tidy profit for Chad.

Chad’s defence appears to be that it puts on gigs and prints t-shirts as a hobby “for friends and family” and not a business. However, given the mark up on his merchandise, it will be hard for him to explain his handsome profit.

He will also have to explain the gig money. He openly boasted about selling 200 tickets for his September gig, which at £20 a ticket, would have brought him £4,000. Even considering the venue and travel for the bands, Chad and his wife would still have walked away with at least £2,000 profit. He might now be planning to claim his gigs (three over the last 12 months, including the forthcoming one) were charity events, but unless he can show all the profits going out to a charity then he’s going to be in real trouble.

A little bird has told HOPE not hate that there was already whispering about Chad pocketing money supposedly raised for charities after a gig he held in March 2022. While of course few will be surprised that he’s pocketed money supposedly earmarked for charity, the tax office might take a dimmer view.

Of course, being the good citizens we are, HOPE not hate will be delighted to furnish the investigators with everything we know.


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