Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 06 06 23

Something’s not right with Right Said Fred.

Last month I wrote about Darren ‘Klanman’ Fletcher, a former member of the banned terror group National Action. Understandably, perhaps, Fletcher was none too happy about it. Given that he obsesses so much about violence and death (he often likens himself to Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik), he suggested for me a final solution for that transgression.

Fletcher, having a totally “normal” one at home

I won’t have time, it appears, to dwell on why Fletcher has also been taking photographs of members of the Jewish community he happens across either at home or at work, because he has vanished. Gone. Uncontactable. According to friends, Fletcher has been neither seen or heard for a week. Who knows what he is up to or where a man obsessed with murdering and killing others has disappeared to? Do the police have him, or is he just driving around the country undetected and full of hatred and daft ideas?……….

I also regret to inform that a lot of people did actually click and approve on this post below:

Infamy, infamy: The Nutzis have it in for me


Many of you, (well, three) have asked about the Leeds based decorators and their escapades as Nazi painters. Bradley Dyas (‘Brad’ to his white friends), was a rising star in the diminishing Nazi group – (but still not a political party), Patriotic Allotment. His hero Adolf Hitler painted watercolours, Brad paints homes, outhouses, and now it seems, schools in Yorkshire under the auspicious Dyas Decorating Services.

Whether it’s some kind of ‘racial awareness’ or not, we don’t know. But Dyas has also been hired to paint benches in schools for children that feel lonely or isolated to sit on. Heavens, what a gift that must be to someone with an interest in far right extremism.

Far Right Said Fred

Far Right Said Fred: Not at all too sexy for the high street post office

The Barking Bard once wrote about a long road from Top of the Pops to drawing the dole. Or something like that. It’s certainly been a long while (1991, in fact) since novelty pop duo ‘Right Said Fred’ were titillating housewives with a risqué song and shirtless repertoire. It wasn’t at all a bit naughty and it was dreadfully bland, but they managed to get your Granny hot under her collar every time the muscle bound baldies threatened (or actually did) tear their shirts off.

If you thought the brothers that were Bros were… challenged, Right Said Fred have taken sibling silliness further. Last week they were serenading former UKIP boss Nigel Farage over on the high brow television ‘news’ channel GB News. Farage responded to the one hit wonders by beginning to strip. I switched over to watch Sponge Bob, instead.

Far Right Said Fred Not Right, Said Fred

The brothers’ Fairbrass appear to now be heavily into conspiracy theories. One in particular is about the Covid vaccine. One thing we all know is down the rabbit hole of conspiracy is the idea that Jews are behind the world’s ills. And Right Said Fred have been pushing the boundaries of decency for quite a while now. Previously they shared content from unambitious British Nazi leader Mark Collett. Over the weekend they tweeted about the Holocaust; diminishing it’s historical and social importance. Doing this with daft comparisons to back up daft conspiracy theories, could be described as a typical far right tactic. When challenged over their social media content about the Holocaust, Richard Fairbrass from the ‘band’ claimed his account may have been ‘infiltrated’ and ‘compromised’. Their response, initially in the third person, went on to claim (in the first person) the brothers have Jewish heritage!! Where have we heard that before…? And then repeated their vile tweet.


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