Open Letter to the Conservative Party: Take action on Susan Hall

15 09 23

You can read the full open letter asking Greg Hands MP, Conservative Party Chairman, to take action on mayoral candidate Susan Hall’s racist social media below.

Dear Mr Hands,

I am writing to you as CEO of HOPE not hate, the UK’s leading anti-fascist campaign group. We are bringing to your attention the social media conduct of Susan Hall, your candidate for Mayor of London.

We are gravely concerned about what we have uncovered. HOPE not hate’s researchers have found Susan Hall liking posts endorsing Enoch Powell, islamophobic tropes about Sadiq Khan, supporting the myth that the 2020 American election was stolen from Donald Trump and expressing a disdain for the press and democracy.

We have found Susan Hall:

  • Liking a tweet saying ‘It’s never too late to get London Back !’. The picture is an image of Enoch Powell with the quote “It’s never too late to save your country”. This is not a quote from Enoch Powell, rather a slogan that was once on the BNP website.
  • Liking a tweet from a user suggesting Enoch Powell should have been Prime Minister, saying they’d like Enoch Powell to be an addition to a pack of Prime Minister playing cards.
  • Quote-tweeted an article from the notorious right-wing misinformation site The Gateway Pundit alleging a conspiracy to steal the 2020 US presidential election from Trump.
  • Replying to a tweet from Katie Hopkins calling Sadiq Khan “our nipple height mayor of Londonistan” with the endorsement “Thank you Katie!”. Katie Hopkins is a far-right provocateur and “Londonistan” is the term used to convey the idea that Muslims are taking over London.
  • Liking a reply to a tweet about Sadiq Khan’s VAWG strategy that said “Well said Susan, that Labour Traitor RAT Likes that sort of thing” – being female genital mutilation and violence against women and girls. This is racially charged implying that Muslims support FGM and violence.
  • Liking a tweet saying that Sadiq is “begging for londoners to do a tower hamlets postal vote for May next year and we all know how that works. #fraud”. This is accusing Sadiq Khan of electoral corruption and promotes the idea that Muslims in electoral politics subvert democratic principles.
  • Liking a tweet saying that Sky’s Matthew Thompson, then at LBC, is a “virus”.
  • Liking a tweet calling Sky’s Sam Coates an “ugly mouthed journalist” and part of the “#ScumMedia”.
  • Liking a tweet saying that Sky’s Beth Rigby has a “sickly deep voice” and that “She shouldn’t be anywhere near my TV.

Susan Hall is hoping to be mayor of London, one of the most diverse cities in the world. She must be able to treat all Londoners equally and with respect. Given her social media conduct, we question that she would be fit to do so. These are not isolated incidents, it is a pattern of behaviour where when taken together it shows that Susan Hall must be investigated.

The Conservative Party must suspend Susan Hall and undertake a full investigation into her conduct and candidacy. We have enclosed a dossier of our evidence.

We look forward to seeing the Conservative Party taking swift action.

Kind regards,

Nick Lowles
CEO, HOPE not hate


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