Why HOPE not hate are taking on Susan Hall at the London Mayoral Election

Nick Lowles - 30 01 24

HOPE not hate has a proud history of opposing the far right on the streets and at the ballot box for 20 years. We have campaigned against the British National Party, English Defence League, UKIP and countless other far-right and fascist groups. But we have also called out racism and hate when it has come from mainstream politicians and parties.

The far right’s threat at the ballot box has changed. It is no longer the case that there is a strong chance of the far right winning seats on councils and in Parliament. However, the threat of a new populist Radical Right has grown, which has the potential to mainstream extreme right-wing ideas and policies.

On Thursday 2nd May, Londoners will take to the polls to elect their next Mayor. At HOPE not hate we have taken the decision to oppose Conservative Candidate Susan Hall after our researchers exposed a cache of racist social media activity. You can read our investigation here.

We haven’t taken this decision lightly. In the past few years, we have seen a marked increase in racist and hateful language within mainstream politics. This rhetoric stokes the flames of the far right and divides our communities so it’s crucial that we challenge this behaviour head on.

Last year, we polled Londoners and found that whilst the majority of voters don’t know who Susan Hall is, they do think her social media activity is unacceptable. It’s up to HOPE not hate to make sure voters know who she is and what she stands for.

Susan Hall won’t be the last mainstream candidate that we oppose but she is the first. You can find out more about our campaign to oppose Susan Hall here.


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