Updated Weds 06 Mar 2024

CASE FILE: Laurence Fox

Name Laurence Fox / Reclaim
Tags Populist/Radical Right
Categories Political Party / Influencer / Content Creator
Related People/Groups Calvin Robinson, GB News
Years Active 2
Active Areas UK



Laurence Fox is a former actor and musician who since 2020 has carved out a career as a Radical Right provocateur and aspiring politician. His views came to attention following an appearance on BBC’s Question Time in January 2020, when he dismissed the idea that racism played a part in media hostility towards Meghan Markle. He soon capitalised on the controversy that followed, launching a career as a commentator and establishing the Reclaim Party in September that year, which he dubbed as a “UKIP for the culture wars”.

Fox’s political ambitions have been dogged by administrative issues and derisory election results., however: Iin March 2021 he received just 1.9% of the vote in the London mMayoral eElection, despite the endorsement of Reform UK and a significant media profile, and in July 2023 he pulled in just 2.3% in the Uxbridge by-election following Boris Johnson’s resignation. The party is exclusively bankrolled by pro-Brexit businessman Jeremy Hosking, who has donated £3.5 million to date.

Fox also launched a media career, culminating in hosting a show on GB News after frequently filling in as a guest host on Nigel Farage’s slot. However, he was subject to a very high-profile sacking in October after a misogynistic rant against journalist Ava Santina on another GB News show, Dan Wootton Tonight, the aftermath of which saw Fox, Wootton and their friend Calvin Robinson all lose their jobs.

Despite Fox suggesting that he might stand again in the 2024 London mMayoral election, there are significant doubts about the viability of Reclaim going forward. Reclaim Party Ltd, the private company that controls the party, was almost struck off by Companies House at the start of 2024 after failing to file its accounts, and Fox has stated that the leaders of Reform UK and the SDP have both approached Hosking to solicit his support and abandonment of Reclaim.



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