Far Right Roundup

Matthew Collins - 19 06 23

Vile ‘football fan’ is Britain First activist

It’s been an amusing (depending on your tastes) month so far for Britain First. Their leader and self – apparent celestial being Paul Golding announced at the beginning of the month that he was going to “bash” the Bishops, for what he felt was them needlessly carrying out their Christian duties. Apparently the Bishops’ have been spreading the gospel of compassion and forgiveness which puts them at some odds with the God of lust and greed whose altar Golding throws himself on most occasionally. Golding announced ‘Operation Cathedral’ and a demand that Bishops should repent. For £5000, no less!

Golding: Bashing the Bishop this summer. For £5K

Golding has made also, much ado about the party’s shabby ‘Battle Busses’. It’s just three broken down old mini buses he got on the cheap (probably for five grand) in the hope the membership forget about the time he also needed money to fix the party’s own boat (for five grand). Ominously, the boat turned out to be a submarine and disappeared along with all the monies Britain First collected to keep that con afloat. The party’s fleet of minibuses’ have been nothing but heartache for Golding. He’s had them swept for imaginary bugs and oil filters changed and even given them naff names like ‘Churchill’. But the bloody things keep breaking down (unsurprisingly) and the members have to keep coughing up to Golding’s mate to fix them. Just this past weekend ‘Churchill’ was being driven at breakneck speed down to Broadstairs in Kent, where the plan was for a Britain First detachment in bin bags to get wankered in several pubs and then go about complaining about illegal immigrants to holiday makers.

Locals in Broadstairs should well be warned and take note of the con Golding and Britain First tried to pull at another seaside town – passing themselves off as a forces charity, no less.

Churchill has gone limp. Send beer tokens

The trip to Broadstairs was an absolute disaster. Churchill decided to breakdown, leaving the equivalent of a D-Day landing in reverse in jeopardy. And what says most about Britain First’s leadership is that they asked other members to pay for the journey home for their beleaguered troops, because, in his own words, Golding had “no spare funds right now” as he was “strung out on multiple fronts”.

Once more Churchill has routed the fash on the beaches. Or at least stopped them getting to the beaches

Golding couldn’t be with his troops trying in vain to invade Kent, because he actually lives miles and miles away and seemingly abandoned them there. But it is true, he does like setting up shop near a friendly mechanic or two – which helps (him). Whilst he was asking the poor suckers at home to send cash to evacuate his troops from Kent, he was himself, drinking beer elsewhere. “Strung out” as he calls it…

Send cash. Golding’s run out of his own

Never let it be said however, that Golding is not generous to some members. Take the violent thug James White. Please. After being accused of assaulting a security guard in 2021, Golding ran an appeal for White. Golding stands by his men – ask any soldier, for instance. White caused outrage on the recent FA Cup Final day, by wearing an outrageous football shirt. It mocks the 97 victims of the Hillsborough disaster. He was later arrested – and has today been convicted for displaying threatening or abusive writing likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Britain First activist James White on FA Cup Final Day

The court heard White wore a shirt with 97 and the words “Not Enough” on the back at the FA Cup Final on 3 June. District Judge Mark Jabbitt said: “It is hard to imagine a more […] offensive reference to the 1989 Hillsborough disaster.” Ninety-seven football fans died as a result of a crush at a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield on 15th April, 1989. In 2016, inquests into the deaths concluded the fans had been unlawfully killed. The court also heard that White held numerous other convictions, but not connected to football. No, more than likely they are connected to Britain First

Golding with White, one of his great activists (left) and White leaving court today.


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