Far Right Round Up

24 08 23

Despite having a ‘lovely’ weekend in the wind and rain of their ‘Death Camp Britannia’ held in the beautiful Peak District, this has not been a great week for Britain First.

Their Northern Irish contingent are allegedly up in arms about unpaid expenses (bar bills and marching powder, probably) and have issued an ultimatum to Britain First’s louche leader Paul Golding to pay up what he owes them or a series of revelations will find their way to certain journalists. Golding has now declared he has an arrest warrant out of for him (yawn) and has issued an immediate plea for £1500. I am scratching my manly chin about this one. If he really isn’t paying his fines, what happens to all the endless amount of monies he constantly begs for to pay his endless fines? Answers on a postcard to Wells Fargo in New York, I reckon.

Golding. No beg or lie too great, obviously

Back in the Peak District, Golding’s ‘Camp Britannia’ was more like a Wish version of the old British National Party’s (BNP) Red, White & Blue Festival. Back in those heady days for Britain’s far right – and when Golding was just an illiterate office boy and absent councillor for the BNP, they’d have hundreds of race haters from the same gene pool brawling with each other and stalking single women sleeping alone in tents. Camp Britannia had a bouncy castle, a dozen kids, fourteen cans of generic lager, a few dogs and a tug of war. Sometimes when I watch dysfunctional political types enjoying themselves by sitting in chairs and stroking their beards, I don’t know which is greater; the joy of being white or the pride in being British.

It’s not the quality of the lies; it the sheer quality of the width. The begging behind this campaign will be off the scale

What made the weekend particularly special for the assorted/assaulted Biffers’ in the Peak District was the announcement Britain First are going to stand a candidate in the London Mayoral Elections. That was previously the cause of another great Paul Golding humiliation. This time, it’s another high calibre Biffer candidate standing against London’s Muslim Mayor.

Britain First: Totally normal political party, wanting to take power in the Recihstag

Now ,I’ve been told to avoid the promotion of gambling, but I’m going to produce a bingo card – and it will be one for antifascists to play. You simply tick off whatever great causes/scams Britain First will use to plummet more funds from their gullible members.

Fun for all the family.

No Romantic Nazi Reunion on the Horizon

Alice Cutter. Wannabe Nazi bride, no amount of poetry could mend her broken heart

There’s been some mumbling and grumbling among fascists and neo-Nazis that former members of National Action (NA) are beginning to get a sniff of freedom. No longer quite the young “upstarts” they were back in 2013, older heads are wondering whether these former terrorists have any plans to bring their old nonsense back into the wider movement.

The most high profile former NA prisoner to be released is Alice Cutter, the highly reported runner up in the group’s disturbing ‘Miss Hitler’ competition, which was held as some kind of ruse for NA’s leadership to see pictures of young girls in a state of undress.

Mark Jones: A Nazi with a penchant for travel

The Daily Mail reported last month that the aforementioned Ms Cutter’s former fiancé Mark Jones could be next for release. It’s highly unlikely Jones will be welcomed into Ms Cutter’s loving arms, as the last time they saw each other – in the dock, she returned her engagement ring having heard that while she sometimes dreamt of the two of them carrying out a suicide bombing together, Jones was trawling email applications to join NA – looking for other young women.

Yes, he may be some kind of half – baked lothario, but Jones was also very dangerous individual. He graduated through the ranks of the youth wing of the old BNP, making a name for himself for his taste in expensive shoes and girls. Jones was expelled by the BNP in 2014 for a long litany of offences – including threatening senior members and drinking a glass of water while eating peanuts.

Jailed for five and a half years in 2020, Jones is utterly dedicated to the ‘White Jihad’ ideal – even more than some of the sickening ideology’s founding fathers. Jones had a hand in every ‘Continuity’ National Action group post their proscription and was the only other person ,‘The most Nazi of them all’ Alex Davies, trusted to continue propagating their joint hatreds in the right way. The two had even posed together for a photograph while delivering Nazi salutes and holding an NA flag in Buchenwald’s execution room during a trip to Germany in 2016. 

A talented designer and artist, Jones was the link man to the American Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division (AWD) as well as the neo – Nazi paramilitary Azov Battalion in Ukraine.

Brandon Russell: He and Mark Jones shared similar interests

In July 2015 Jones met with Brandon Russell, the leader of AWD to discuss mutual ideas and interests. Despite AWD’s terrorism, Jones has never been asked to explain the meeting with an individual now facing up to 250 years in prison.

Whilst many former NA members have found a new home in Mark Collett’s proto – Continuity NA front group, Patriotic Alternative (PA), it’s highly unlikely Jones will be welcome there. Collett is terrified PA could face the same fate as many other hard line on- line neo -Nazi gangs polluted by former NA ideology and members, and be banned. During his own court trial and subsequent conviction, Alex Davies hinted how dissatisfied he had become with Collett. It is alleged by former NA members that Davies had been offered a senior role in PA, but had been relegated to near anonymity in Wales because Collett feared him.

Davies (in black), on another “humiliating” activity with Patriotic Alternative

Whether like Kenny Smith, Davies felt he deserved a full time salary from PA we cannot confirm. But some former NA members had been assured Davies would be on the payroll at PA, but he wasn’t. His final few years waiting for his court case and subsequent conviction were not the best for Davies. He fell into depression and struggled to keep on top of his diabetes – which became increasingly debilitating. He was also a carer for his mother – not the job he wanted or expected for his self proclaimed brilliance in radicalising the extreme far – right into almost non – existence.

Collett whispering sweet promises to Alex Davies over dinner before the
great betrayal

Shortly before being sentenced, Davies told one colleague that he felt not just let down by PA, but also “trapped” and “tricked” into being a part of it. He also received no support – publicly or privately from PA, even though he had (initially) felt being associated with a legal political entity may have helped his defence in court. It’s not inconceivable, as has been often suggested, that PA was really Davies’s baby.

Mark Jones: Is he the new Admiral Karl Dönitz? 

Davies also had some good news himself last month. Not just news that Mark Joes may be getting out of jail, but that he had won appeal to have his sentence reduced. This has been tempered somewhat, because he still has no chance of parole until 2027. He was initially under the impression it would be 2025

Jones will be well aware how badly PA treated his political mentor and hero. And that’s now potentially, Mark Collett’s biggest potential problem to date


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