Far Right Roundup

We used to send Eddy Morrison along to grab information, badges and sausage rolls for us – but sometimes it was too much even for him.

31/07/2023 - Matthew Collins
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More National Action Jailings

Further evidence their continuity lingers on Another jailing for Nazi social media group Patriotic Alternative (PA) was announced last week when their ‘fitness guru’ Kris…

27/06/2023 - Matthew Collins
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The Bizarre and dangerous rituals of Patriotic Alternative & a cucumber for the National Front

One of the most active (and bizarre) far right group’s active in Britain is Mark Collett’s Patriotic Alternative, though I prefer to call it Patriotic…

13/09/2021 - Matthew Collins
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The Singles are ready to mingle

The involvement and influence of far-right activists in the anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine/Covid denial movement is becoming ever clearer. Among those emerging from this murky sub-culture are none…

08/09/2021 - Duncan Cahill
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