Far right round up

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They’re not feeling very well

Sometimes I wonder whether this irregular blog should be called ‘War of the Worlds’ as it is quite clear, many of our far right live on an entirely different planet. Bless ‘em.

Take Tony Martin – someone, please.  Having quit Britain for Northern Ireland earlier this year, the nominal leader of what is left of the NF has returned to this country with his lovelorn tail between his legs.

One of his (former) followers even opined, recently, whether Martin was entirely well and not suffering perhaps, from his immeasurable and plenty of sorrows.

Having run the National Front (NF) into the ground (not a job that would tax an ordinary mortal) he has taken his now most dour and confused warblings to Twitter.

You see, it’s not just another broken heart but quite possibly also the closure of another branch of Wetherspoons in Croydon the wannabe leader of the white race has to face up to – as well as returning to his mother’s spare bedroom like the prodigal son who failed to invade either France or Poland.

Martin has been particularly taxed by the ITV drama ‘The Walk-In’.  Having binged watched the show in one mammoth evening of Jaffa Cakes and diet Coke with the curtains drawn, those five furious hours in front of the television raised so many questions that he actually took to his YouTube channel to discuss his concerns and his findings.

Eventually a copy of the accompanying book will find its way into his hands and the mystery of where all those NF membership lists came from will hit him like a kipper.  I do recall one Sunday newspaper buying a copy from a chip shop in Yorkshire a few years ago.

Martin concedes the NF has had so many splits that there is no definitive membership list – but add to the approximate nine members’ current on his own list he could add the 255 members Eddy Morrison had and showed to journalists including HOPE not hate after the murder of Jo Cox MP.

Then there’s the awful mess of the Hull ‘office’ the NF ran into the ground and the 300 unsent NF magazines all labelled and unsent. But that’s a story for another time…

Martin’s YouTube address was fraught with problems and compounded not just by his cat demanding to leave the discussion (seriously), but by the quality of the other members of his assorted ‘brainstrust’.

I’m sure we’re all fans of northern English soap operas.  What with a Nazi gig in Coronation Street, I guess it’s only half an hour from there to Stoke – Avanti West Coast permitting!  A lot of these dubious far right bands have really made an effort of late to infiltrate and infect the traditional punk and Oi! scene in this country.  This one in Staffordshire is unlikely to go ahead after antifascists quickly responded to the leak of the details.  Now it’s them who’s crying.

From soap opera to tragi-com, Britain First’s going full-throttle on the omnibus variant of self-inflicted and self-deprecating drama.

The latest installment in Paul Golding’s near delusion is the claim that HOPE not hate were suing him and likely to get our hands on the missing millions of rubles pumped into his party.

We weren’t and aren’t suing Golding (yet), but it was just his excuse to bluff his way through another installment of the long-running feud with his former deputy and fiancé, Jayda Fransen.

Despite the nice things he had to say about HOPE not hate (all true), there was no truth at all that we were going to face off in court – nor are we the ones who keep repeating the claim he violently assaulted Ms Fransen on more than one occasion. Aware of this, Golding sent out appeal after appeal for funding his imaginary war against us. This amounts, of course, to another con against his supporters.

Having been caught in a secret recording admitting he assaulted Fransen, Golding has been particularly paranoid about being secretly recorded again.  So paranoid, he felt there was something underhand about the constant police attention his party was receiving. Yes, despite being convicted under the terrorism act, Golding just could not understand why the police always turned up to one of his impromptu torments’ so naturally assumed his party minibuses were bugged. After another appeal for funds to check for bugs in said minibuses, Golding can confirm (without providing an invoice for services) that there are no bugs in the party’s vehicles.

Maybe he should turn his attention to the well-known police nark in his ranks…

Golding blaming us for all manner of things is nothing new. We are also apparently to blame for his partner Ashlea Simon being asked to vacate her rental property. Once more, Golding claims we were behind it – and that it has absolutely nothing to do with the loud noise, men in uniforms parading around at all hours and the general endless drama of trying to live and love under the stacks of leaflets and newspapers Britain First filled her home with.

Why Golding failed to mention he also lived in the house is another mystery we’ll await blame for.


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