Katie Hopkins removed from LBC after ‘final solution’ tweet

Columnist and broadcaster Katie Hopkins will no longer be working at the radio station, LBC has confirmed, “effective immediately”. This comes shortly after Hopkins called for…

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Exclusive: Jim Dowson expelled from Hungary

News is just coming out of Hungary – now confirmed, that Jim Dowson has been told to leave the country. According to the Ministry of Interior, the…

24/05/2017 - Matthew Collins
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Far right roundup: Neo-Nazi with explosives was linked to National Action

      Some disturbing news from Miami where a man arrested following a traffic stop confessed to being a neo-Nazi who was manufacturing explosives…

22/05/2017 - Duncan Cahill
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Liverpool English Defence League
EDL organiser in mosque arson call

The English Defence League’s Liverpool organiser has called for an arson attack on a mosque. In response to a picture of a mosque being posted…

20/05/2017 - Sarah Archibald
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