More National Action Jailings

Matthew Collins - 27 06 23

Further evidence their continuity lingers on

Another jailing for Nazi social media group Patriotic Alternative (PA) was announced last week when their ‘fitness guru’ Kris Kearney was jailed for social media posts and broadcasts encouraging violence against Jews and Muslims. Kearney, who liked to broadcast under the sobriquet ‘Charlie Big Potatoes’ is the second high profile member of the diminishing group to be jailed in the past two months.

The court heard material on Kearney’s profile depicted violence or encouraged violence in the battle against “white genocide”.

Kearney was a high profile and foul mouthed supporter of PA’s under-fire leader, Mark Collett, and another terror supporter Collett recruited to PA from the banned terror group National Action.

The court heard material on Kearney’s profile depicted violence or encouraged violence in the battle against “white genocide”. In 2021, he posted a numbered list and links to 89 extreme right-wing documents. The court heard he shared a “Punish a Muslim Day” letter, in which readers were encouraged to “butcher a Muslim” for 500 points, remove a woman’s headscarf for 25 points and bomb a mosque for 1,000 points.

The defendant, who was part of the Army’s parachute regiment for two years, regularly featured on right-wing podcasts called Patriotic Talk and The Absolute State of Britain. He was heavily criticised by the likes of former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin for encouraging young Nazis to share pictures of themselves posing shirtless.

Kearney had a long history of being controversial in the extreme far-right, dividing opinion and causing outrage. He was, for a while, close to another very naughty boy, the Nazi paedophile and terrorist Jack Renshaw.

Kearney: Collett’s favourite (other) National Action man

Kearney was considered an influential player behind the scenes in National Action (NA) until the group was banned in December 2016. He made contact with NA’s leadership from his home in Spain in 2013. Using the name Chris Kearns, Kearney would go on to make a monthly donation to the group of £50, claiming he was a criminal on the run from the United Kingdom. He also claimed he worked in, or ran, a ‘boiler room’ where vulnerable people are targeted by fraudsters to garnish their banking details. Irish journalists have since claimed he was, in fact, linked to high profile drug gangs also on the run and operating in Spain.

Kearney (white cap) and Renshaw (brown jacket) cashing in on homelessness for National Action in 2016

Kearney’s visits to the UK were “sporadic”, often turning up unannounced on NA activities that were supposed to be top-secret. Inasmuch, NA’s co-founder Ben Raymond suspected Kearney was working for the security services – as he too suspected was Kearney’s new friend, and NA’s secretive new leader, Christopher Lythgoe. Kearney took responsibility for hiring cars and minibuses, on his sporadic visits to see NA, under the name Chris Kearns.

This distrust between Kearney and Raymond continued even after Raymond was jailed at the end of 2021. Kearney made veiled threats against NA’s founding member as he was carted off to gaol for his own terrorist offences.

Days before they were banned, Kearney appeared announced to distribute the last of NA’s legal materials

Kearney’s jailing will be seen as another bitter blow to Collett who has found himself under fire for an apparent disinterest in electoral politics, favouring instead online content and self-promotion. Given that so many former National Action members seem to be lurking behind Collett these days, none more so than Alex Davies and Sam Melia, isn’t it time PA was also classed and treated as a “continuity” group of the terror gang?

Second Time Unlucky for Nazi Paedophile

Two years ago, I queried whether Harry Vaughan would have been spared jail had he been state schooled and not have attended the prestigious Tiffin Grammar in Kingston-upon-Thames, south-west London. In November 2020, Mr Justice Sweeney acknowledged the A-star student’s parents were committed to helping him “change for the better” when he admitted 14 terror offences and two of possessing indecent images of children. I wondered whether the thinking behind that leniency was because somehow, kids from nice schools never have bad ideas?

The belief behind indecent images and images of child sexual abuse is that it breaks the taboo about things that far-right activists will or will not do.

In a March 2018 application to join the System Resistance Network – an alias of the banned neo-Nazi group National Action – he wrote: “I could handle myself in a fight. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to further the cause.”

Vaughan: A Nazi and Satanist; but he did go to a good school

Now known as Harry Blake, the self confessed Satanist and adherent of the “White Jihad” philosophy laid down by National Action has been back to the Old Bailey to admit “making an indecent photograph of a child” last year. The former member of the ‘System Resistance Network’ (another National Action ‘continuity’ group) also admitted three charges of possessing extreme pornographic videos, three counts of failing to comply with a Serious Crime Prevention Order and three breaches of his notification order.

The breaches which began just a month after his original sentence related to failing to tell authorities about an email address and details of cryptocurrency accounts. Vaughan had originally pleaded guilty to one count of encouragement of terrorism, one count of disseminating a terrorist publication, 12 counts of possessing a document containing information of a kind likely to be of use to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism, and two counts of making an indecent photograph of a child.

Ryan Fleming: The ‘White Jihad’ Guru who espoused Paedophilia and Satanism to National Action

The obsession with child sexual exploitation is a key component in far-right terrorism. The belief behind indecent images and images of child sexual abuse is that it breaks the taboo about things that far-right activists will or will not do. They are (apparently) ‘hampered’ by Judeo-Christian guilt which hampers them from carrying out terrorist spectaculars. The idea of mixing terrorism with paedophilia and Satanism was a key component of the teachings of ‘White Jihad’ by National Action’s paedophile and ‘Guru’ Ryan Fleming. Vaughan will be sentenced in July. Many thanks to The Independent for their excellent reporting.

Nazi ‘Screw’ Was Also Member of National Action

A “neo-Nazi” prison officer from South Yorkshire told he faces jail for possessing a terrorist handbook was also a former member of the now banned terror group, National Action we can reveal. Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, 42, who worked at HMP Leeds until his arrest last May, was found guilty last Thursday of possessing a white supremacist handbook including advice on how to kill people.

Ashley Podsiad-Sharp: National Action Nazi and a screw

Podsiad-Sharp, a father-of-two from the Barnsley area, founded a fitness club for neo-Nazis in 2020. Prosecutors alleged he was using White Stag Athletic Club, where he called himself “Sarge”, to train up extremists “like a soldier”. Podsiad-Sharp attended at least two National Action demonstrations before the group was banned in 2016. His occupation was well known to the leadership of the group.

He was remanded in custody until a sentencing hearing on 21 July.


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