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Battle of the boneheads' almost over

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 18 April 2014, 15:49

Kev Bryan: No amount of alcohol will mend this failed Fuhrer's heart

Kev Bryan: No amount of alcohol will mend this failed Fuhrer's heart

The long, protracted and boring internal battle for control of the National Front appears to be drawing to a close.

The larger faction, based predominately in the north of the country around Kevin Bryan and Eddy Morrison, appear to have failed to convince the Electoral Commission that they are the true inheritors of the name synonymous with racist violence and stupidity.

The tiny faction in London based around Ian Edward are still refusing to give up the name and remain in control of the party website and signatory needed to stand in elections.

No amount of email hacking and burglary can change their minds, either. Monies paid into the bank account of Eddy Morrison for a legal challenge on behalf of the northern faction are probably now spent in his usual fashion.

Further bad news for both factions however comes in the guise of the God bothering Britain First. Word is they are about to apply to march to the Cenotaph in place of the NF on Remembrance Sunday if the NF cannot come to an agreement as to which bunch of idiots actually run the party.

Still in charge: Ian Edward, no-one knows or likes him. He doesn't care

Still in charge: Ian Edward, no-one knows or likes him. He doesn't care

Morrison: Will see the legal fund is well spent

Morrison: Will see the legal fund is well spent

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And now the end is near...

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Tuesday, 15 April 2014, 17:37

Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Well, people have finally caught on to what we have been saying for over a year, that Andrew Brons MEP is to stand down at next month’s Euro elections. He will not be missed by many people, but it will throw a number of fascists on the dole.

What with Nick Griffin also likely to lose his seat, that means a good eight or nine fascists and fascist sympathisers will be out of work in just over a month. Brons and Griffin share some employees, you see, but not much else since Brons went off to launch the rival and tiny British Democratic Party (BDP) last year.

One of those on the Brons payroll is the British National Party's performing monkey, idiot and disgraced teacher, Adam Walker.

It wasn't much of a job, seems as he could not claim a petrol allowance, but it least doing nothing for Brons kept Adam busy at his favourite past time.

Walker had been hoping that with Brons going and the BDP putting no-one up in his place, that he would have clean run as the BNP candidate for the Yorks and Humber region and actually believed he stood a good chance of being elected! The only thing standing in Adam's way was that the few members left in Yorkshire BNP preferred Marlene Guest, a Holocaust admirer, to the embarrassment that is Walker, to be their number one candidate.

Word is that after their disaster last month, when HOPE not hate had their fund raising meeting in Leeds cancelled, that Adam has given up all hope of ever being an MEP and indeed, of ever working again!

Back in February we reported on the disaster that is the BDP having some internal problems of their own, namely that the party's nominal Chair, Kevin Scott, had a regional accent that nobody liked and had also been acting a little too much like a left-wing Nazi. Oh yes, that and the fact he would not give television interviews or do little else but antagonise BNP members on social media. Kevin's role as the leader of the BDP appears to be drinking cups of tea and reading the Guardian.

Scott will step down from his role as British Democratic Party Chairman after the May elections. As far as we are aware, it was as close to a job Kevin has had since he was sacked as a toilet salesman by B&Q some years back.

The replacement for Scott will have to be someone who can do nothing all day and lead few people into nowhere in the great cause that is the white race. To please the people who fund what is one of the world's smallest Nazi parties, that person must also have no regional accent and be willing to drop everything for a day "on the lash" with other beer bellied bores and racists.

Word is, and Kevin will not like this, that the party are considering talking to Paul Weston again about coming aboard. Good old Paul, he's currently running another far-right party into the ground so may be interested in the role. He may not be as smart, witty and "left wing" as Kevin Scott, but he knows how to have a jolly good time with racist mates.

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The return of race-hate Pete to the desperate BNP

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Thursday, 10 April 2014, 11:59

King: Not much of a cure for the BNP's problems

King: Not much of a cure for the BNP's problems

Things must be desperate in the British National Party (BNP). Last night's meeting in Hartlepool was organised by long time race hater, neo-Nazi and bad egg, Peter King.

The convicted thug and stalker of his ex-girlfriend has magically appeared back in the party in the hope they must presume, that everyone has forgotten he violently attacks those around him at will.

Yes, Peter is a nasty piece of work and a sure sign that the BNP is desperate. If having that violent criminal stalking the room demanding to know everybody's business, the "guest speaker" was Adam Walker. So, it certainly was not a family-friendly event.

"Pedro": He's infamous..

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HOPE not hate conference launches new publication

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 10:15

HOPE not hate launched its latest publication yesterday, "Signs of Hate 2" an update on a publication first launched in 2003 to give statutory agencies a guide to working with hate offenders, but also on how to identify and understand hate language and hate crime.

Launched with the London Probation Service and with input from speakers from a number of community groups and agencies from across Britain and Europe, the conference focused not just on the extreme far-right but also on Islamist extremism, social media and issues relative to the plight of Roma people in Europe.

Among the speakers was Dr Bernard Rourke, from Budapest, who gave a depressing insight into the plight of Roma people while the University of Amsterdam also gave a good insight into tracking and monitoring online hatred.

Hanif Qadir from the Active Change Foundation spoke of the work being done to turn young Muslims away from the hatred of hate preachers distorting religion and ideology.

The London Probation Service gave two presentations, one focused on how offenders are monitored and mentored and one on how restorative justice can work to make offenders see how victims suffer from hate crime.

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Chingford Skinhead in attack on Martin McGuinness

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Wednesday, 9 April 2014, 09:38

Lord Tebbit

Lord Tebbit

Norman Tebbit, a former Thatcherite MP and the former chairman of the Conservative Party has said he hopes the "Real" IRA shoots Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness for attending the banquet at Windsor Castle and toasting the Queen.

McGuinness, who makes no secret of his past, has since the Good Friday Agreement, suffered a number of attacks on his family home in Derry by dissident Republicans opposed to the peace process.

Now a Lord, Tebbit said: "Mr McGuinness is there on the coat tails of the Irish ambassador – it's up to him whose company he chooses to keep. It makes it very difficult for the Palace and for the Lord Mayor.

"Mr McGuinness owns up to being a member of a terrorist organisation, those who suffered at the hands of the terrorists are not best pleased.

"The Queen no choice in matter; she can hardly refuse to invite the Irish ambassador. I imagine it is difficult for her – her family has suffered at the hands of the IRA."

He added: "There's always the possibility that a member of the Real IRA will be so outraged by Mr McGuinness bowing to the Queen that they might shoot him in the back for it.

"We can but hope."

Lord Tebbit has suffered due to the actions of the IRA, when they blew up the Conservative Party conference in Brighton, in 1984, in an audacious attempt to kill Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. One result of the bombing was that Tebbit's wife Margaret was left paralysed by the attack.

Surely Lord Tebbit does not seriously want more bloodshed and violence in-particular aimed at a man-no matter how abhorrent Tebbit finds him, who has helped bring an end to slaughter and bloodshed?

McGuinness is a member of a representative assembly that looks after the interests of the people of Northern Ireland, which as Tebbit’s party still desires, is a part of the United Kingdom.

While one would not expect or demand Tebbit to forgive the actions of the IRA that have brought such personal misery and grief to his family, surely Lord Tebbit should immediately withdraw and apologise for such outrageous comment.

with thanks to the Belfast Telegraph

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MoD condemns ‘immoral’ BNP for exploiting brutal murder of Lee Rigby in campaign video

posted by: Jonathan Owen | on: Tuesday, 8 April 2014, 10:58

The brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby is being exploited by the British National Party in a bid to win support ahead of next month’s European elections, The Independent can reveal.

A BNP campaign video which plays on the death of the young soldier has been condemned as “immoral” by the Ministry of Defence and as a “disgusting” and “desperate” tactic by campaigners.

The film features a Spitfire flying intercut with images of soldiers on parade or fighting overseas as slogans such as “stop the immigration invasion” appear. It ends with an appeal to “Remember Lee” before a picture of the soldier in regimental uniform appears in the background of a Union Jack flag – with the words “Vote BNP” and “no surrender”.

Fusilier Rigby was off duty when he was murdered in Woolwich last May. He was run over by Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22. The pair then stabbed and hacked at the 25-year-old as he lay unconscious, in an attempt to decapitate him. Adebolajo will spend the rest of his life in prison, and Adebowale will serve a minimum of 45 years.

Yesterday campaigners and the MoD condemned the use of the attack to win votes for the election, which happens to fall on the first anniversary of Fusilier Rigby’s death – May 22 – something the BNP exploits in the film.

General Sir Mike Jackson, the former head of the British Army said: “This seems to be an appalling attempt at exploiting the very sad death of a soldier and it is something which must be condemned.”

A spokesman for the MoD added: “It is immoral and patently wrong that any organisation should seek to make political gains out of the tragic death of one of our personnel. It is equally inappropriate to suggest that the members of the Armed Forces should be directly linked to the activities of any political party.” The MoD added it did not endorse the use of the photograph of Fusilier Rigby in the film, taken by an agency photographer and so not Crown Copyright.

Weyman Bennett, the general secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said the film was “a disgrace and an attempt to whip up racism against Muslims”. He added: “The BNP is bankrupt financially and bankrupt politically. The video is an insult to Lee Rigby’s family. It’s a disgusting, desperate act.”

A spokesperson for SSAFA, the Army charity which runs the Lee Rigby Fund, said the family “have already expressed a wish to avoid any media engagement around the subject of Lee’s death, as we lead up to the anniversary”.

The tactic comes after last week’s revelatons in The Independent that BNP activists are trying to woo support by taking mobile food banks to poor areas – echoing the Greek extremists Golden Dawn.

Asked to defend the film Simon Darby, BNP spokesman, said: “Are you actually not showing a little bit of bias towards the white community in not allowing us to draw attention to a white victim whereas you wouldn’t even ask that question or run a story about a black or an Asian victim?”

The Independent

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'White Pride' a bit of a washout

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Sunday, 6 April 2014, 10:59

"White Pride" all boots and no brains

Following the confusion of the previous day as to whether the Nazi White Pride Demo would be permitted to take place, we decided to make the round trip to Swansea yesterday, anyway. Just because the police say "no" to them, exoperience tells us that Nazis will turn up anyway.

The event did indeed go ahead in Swansea’s Castle Square. Some groups had called off their proposed counter demonstration leaving Swansea Trades Council and the Socialist Party to organise their protest in the square - attracting some 200 supporters.

By mid-day around 40 of the Neo Nazis had gathered in Yates’ and were allowed to march the 60 yards or so to their Rally point by the castle ruins, where they were given an hour to spout their bile . Their four speakers had run out of anything to say by 12.30, leaving them to stand around, waving their flags and trading insults with the counter demonstration stood opposite behind two lines of Police. Apart from couple of lone protestors from both sides breaking ranks and attempting to confront the other, it remained quite controlled. As it drew to a close, two anti-fascist demonstrators made an audacious raid through the neo nazi ranks and snatched one of the ‘White Pride’ flags.

A number of boneheads gave short chase in their oversized boots and for a moment there looked like a possibility of a major outbreak of trouble, as other anti-fascist protestors ran towards them.

Police quickly gained control as two Antifa were arrested, having been apprehended by plain clothes officers. A nazi skinhead donning a “No Remorse – Smash The Reds” t-shirt also appeared to have been arrested in the incident, as he was held and hand-cuffed at the scene (see photo). It is unclear whether or not he was later released without charge.

The other ‘White Pride’ supporters were led away in a police escort, marched around the back of the castle as the anti-demonstrators dispersed. The police then led them to the ’Ice Bar’ for round two of their pub crawl, where they no doubt began planning their return in 2015.

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Still no great leap forwards

posted by: Duncan Cahill | on: Sunday, 30 March 2014, 10:02

BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

BNP brainstrust: These guys run Facebook, apparently

Much excitement in the British National Party (BNP) during the week when they stumbled across an article in the Telegraph claiming they had taken over Facebook! How someone came to this conclusion is a mystery. They're already way behind Britain First and the English Defence League (EDL) in terms of numbers and "likes" and the BNP fall way behind Britain First in people interacting or "talking about" their page.

Despite the BNP having 104,000 likes on Facebook, its real and actual membership is now below 2,000. The EDL, shrinking and more stupid everyday with its 163,000 followers, has the lowest number of people interacting with it on social media.

Still, we should expect to see another one of those suspicious research pieces about the EDL in the Telegraph again very soon. Yesterday, the EDL managed just 250 people for a national march, this time in Peterborough. Most of the other 162,700 "members" probably stayed at home to fill in a survey advertised in the margins of Facebook which asks them their opinions on a whole host of issues which they never actually normally consider unless one of the possible answers to a question is the proposed burning down of a Mosque and the "Sport are troops".

As neither option was given in the survey, no doubt we'll be hearing how the EDL are all Oxbridge graduates and bank managers very soon.

Someone who could probably give us an idea of the thoughts of the EDL is Michael Bayliss. Bayliss travelled up from the south west yesterday to get close and personal with the new leader of the EDL. Bayliss probably has a much better idea than most what the EDL are thinking, but whether SO15 will publish his findings in the Telegraph, is unlikely.

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

Secret Squirrel: Bayliss on the prowl yesterday

It's been a quiet weekend so far for the Britain First crack-dsitribution brigade. Word is, despite finding God, Paul Golding has been moonlighting on the side cutting other people's lunch.

Survey: 163,000 EDL

Survey: 163,000 EDL "members" stayed at home ti fill it in



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Far-right round up

posted by: Matthew Collins | on: Friday, 28 March 2014, 16:30

Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

Britain First: Prepared for handbags with the BNP

An interesting week for the British National Party (BNP). Nick Griffin was in Germany for a meeting of the youth wing of the neo-Nazi NPD and made one of his most bizarre speeches ever. He's never been blessed with great oratory skills, you're probably aware, but it was the actual content of the speech as opposed to the delivery that makes you wonder if Herr Griffin is beginning to buckle under the pressure of leading the BNP into oblivion.

It was mad and racist, even for a mad racist.

I would not worry too much about Griffin when he's finally out of a job come May. An old friend was telling me yesterday that Griffin has so much lucre squirreled away that his main worry would probably be Clive Jefferson bumping him off to top-up the party's funds.

Last night Griffin drove up from Exeter to Leeds to address a Yorkshire region fundraising meeting. To say Yorkshire has its problems would be an understatement. The organiser for the region is Adam Walker and word is he will not drive even to the end of his street these days without the promise of a large wedge of cash. Is it any wonder his speaking engagements have dried up? He has become the party's major embarrassment since his brother left to work in a pet shop.

Sadly for Griffin, HOPE not hate decided to ruin his plans for the evening and let the folk at the Woodkirk Valley Country Club know that the BNP was planning to meet there after using a false name to make the booking.

All credit to the Country Club, they decided to cancel the booking rather than allow the BNP to soil their name. Perhaps the club will now do the same to stop the National Front and British Movement from booking rooms there anymore.

Griffin and Adam Walker ended up glum faced in a pub in Morley trying to put a brave face on their humiliation. Griffin has been bragging as he travels the country of how much cash the party is collecting at their fundraising evenings. In the main, he is telling lies. The £1000 he claims was raised in Exeter was actually close to £600 and once he and his minions have taken their "expenses" out of the takings, very little will go into the pot for any election campaign other than Griffin's own charge of the light ale brigade in May.

No such cash shortages (unsurprisingly) for Griffin's former best friend Jim Dowson. Jim's got so much cash he's even managed to buy his Britain First 50,000 Facebook followers and some rather fetching cloth caps for their supporters.

Expect the current sniping between the BNP and Britain First to come to a rather nasty conclusion any time soon.

This weekend, the English Defence League take their travelling circus to Peterborough. Wisely, the group have declared this march will be a no-alcohol affair. Not so wisely, they're meeting up in a pub first..

No room at the Inn: Griffin's night ruined

No room at the Inn: Griffin's night ruined

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Neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Mersey mosques branded "evil" by judge

posted by: John Siddle | on: Tuesday, 25 March 2014, 17:01

A neo-Nazi who plotted to blow up Merseyside mosques was branded "evil" by a judge today.

Terror suspect Ian Forman, 42, from Birkenhead, planned to explode home-made devices packed with nails and ball-bearings.

He downloaded pictures of two mosques near his home and labelled them "targets" before making a string of YouTube posts threatening to "blow them up".

He stockpiled potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal, and drew up a shopping list of bomb components after months of internet research.

The Hitler obsessive then created spreadsheets for the prices of chemicals needed for homemade bombs, and where they would be stocked.

Forman, who frequently expressed his racist ideology and views against the disabled to friends and workmates, also posted on YouTube about "Mosques lighting up the sky to keep us warm in the winter".

A jury of seven men and five women at Kingston Crown Court today found Forman guilty of engaging in conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts.

Judge Paul Dodgson said: "The defendant had, in my judgement, very extreme and evil thoughts - I think the word evil is appropriate.

"As the jury found he at some points had the intention of carrying those evil thoughts out.

"For his sentencing there must be a message sent out by the court that this behaviour is regarded with extreme gravity.

"But, on the other hand, I must mitigate this by the acknowledgement that his intention wasn't carried out to effect."

Forman, of Shavington Avenue, Oxton, was first arrested last June on suspicion of possessing explosive devices.

He was then rearrested on September 5 by officers from the North West Counter Terrorism Unit over concerns about chemical and explosive substances at his house.

Subsequent analysis of Forman's computer and 16 mobile phones revealed his research of mosques in his local area and saved photos of them.

Forman labelled Penny Lane Mosque in Mossley Hill and the Wirral Islamic Centre, near his home in Birkenhead, as "target one" and "target two".

Jurors heard Forman also made and tested improvised explosive devices, and ran tests on black powder.

Adjourning sentencing until the week commencing April 28, Judge Dodgson told Forman: "There will be a lengthy custodial sentence - of that there is no doubt.

"But I must make sure that I pitch that sentence so that it reflects your danger to the public, your hitherto good character, and that you did not in fact carry out these acts".

Forman had denied engaging in the conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts.

Three counts of making explosives and a single count of possession of explosives were left on the court file.

Forman will be sentenced at the same court in the week commencing April 28.

Liverpool Echo

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